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The land of nuts and wood


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To: Federal States of Brazil; Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


Topic: Re: Diplomatic meeting




Ladies and Gentlemen,


Tikal and Brazil have long been fellow American nations, but to date we have not had much interaction in regards to diplomacy. We would like to rectify this, and set up a diplomatic meeting either in our capital of Dusk and Dawn, or at a location of your choosing in Brazil.


We very much look forward to your reply.


With great regards,"


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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A message would be sent to Tikal confirming that President Maria Citares would be attending. It would offered that the meeting would be at the Tikal Capital of Dusk and Dawn as it would be better. It would be a momentous meeting for Brazil as they would be talking to the strongest state in the region.


Maria Citares would fly out immediately, determined to get a good diplomatic relationship with Tikal.

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President Citares' arrival at the airport followed an event-less flight, with its entirety going over Tikalian- or Brazilian-controlled territory. She would be greeted by a small delegation, led by an augmented yet well-dressed woman, wearing the emblem of the intertwined Sun and Moon on both shoulders, showing her significance to those who knew what it meant.






The woman bowed deeply, "I bid you welcome to the Principality of Tikal, President Citares. It is a great honour to receive you here. I am T'aan Xochitl Necalli, Messenger of the Sun and the Moon. For the duration of your visit, I and these warriors of the Ba'ate'xib will accompany you and your entourage in the journey between here and the place of meeting. If you would please follow me?"


She motioned for the President and whoever she'd brought - likely some guards and aides - to follow her to nearby VTOL transports.






The three VTOLs looked quite imposing, each likely armed equally heavily as a Hind transport helicopter. The interior, however, was furnished to be highly comfortable, however, fit for a head of state. "This is the fastest and most reliable method of transport in all the Principality, so I hope you do not mind if it is only slightly cramped."


After all had entered the three craft, they would take off, flying at a reasonable pace towards the Pyramid of Twilight, much of the capital passing underneath them, visible through the windows and even screens on the floor itself, if so desired.






Dusk and Dawn was relatively young as a city, but its roots were old, with architecture inspired by ancient Maya and Aztec cities, built into a valley with steep - but by now mostly hollowed-out - cliffs on three sides. Often, the city was shrouded in fog, though some of the tallest spires pierced the vapour and reached up into clear air. Even on the ground, the sun was bright enough on most days for plants to grow freely and in abundance.


The city was a beautiful mixture of the old architecture with modern technology, with greater harmony likely achieved in only very, very few communities.


The VTOLs approached the very talled of the pyramids, a behemoth both steeper and reaching higher than the Pyramid of Cheops (also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza). They soon landed on a helipad that appeared as though it had been hewn from the artificial mountain's side, and Xochitl asked the President and his entourage out of the craft, to the entrance.


Within, the pyramid was entirely and totally opposite to the exterior. Where the outside appeared very much like it would fit well into Mayan cities of the 7th or 8th century, the height of the Maya Empire, the interior was far more modern and obviously technological - though the extravagant art style used by the Maya persisted throughout.


A mere minute later, the group entered a conference room 2 levels lower.




On one side, swarms of fish swam in a large aquarium, while the opposite side had a view from the peak of the pyramid, moving slowly to show the entire 360 degrees of its vista.


At the table, with her left hand on its surface and typing something stood the Princess, looking up after a few moments. She hid her surprise well, perhaps not having expected the President to arrive so quickly.


"President Maria Citares, welcome to the Principality of Tikal," said she, bowing slightly and with a smile. "I am the Princess of Tikal, Shana'Kin Yaxchel Ik'nal. It's a great honour to receive you here. Thank you very much for coming to this meeting."


She motioned for the President and any aides she had brought to sit, taking a seat for herself at one end of the table afterwards. Necalli and the Ba'ate'xib moved to the far wall, guarding the room from there.

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