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Dispatch from the People’s Commissariat for War and Defense - Effective immediately all activities of the Red Army, the People’s Air Force, the People’s River Defense Forces and the People’s Airborne Troops Regiment will be overseen by the newly created People’s Commissariat for War and Defense (NKVO). Activities of the Internal Troops and the Committee for State Security will still be overseen by the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD).

  • The Supreme Soviet and the Council of People’s Commissars have approved funding for the first round of underground aircraft hangars. Construction of Magnitogorsk-1 and Magnitogorsk-2 and Marx-Engels Air Force and Civil Defense Base, near Chelyabinsk will begin immediately.

Sources within the Supreme Soviet reported a major shift within The Party last night after the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, Several other Commissars and all members of the Politburo were placed under house arrest. All were held on multiple charges of murder and corruption.

Commissar Lev Travkin has been appointed as the interim Chairman, signaling a shift away from the hardline policies of the once entrenched hardliners. Travkin has expressed willingness to cooperate with the petit bourgeoisie living inside the country rather than persecuting them. He has also implied that he the country cannot survive in isolation and that the government will need to work with capitalist governments on many fronts, including the economic and defense.

The Central Committee will convene this week and vote to fill the 25 open seats on the Politburo. -excerpt from the Red Star Journal

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Yesterday's coup by the moderate faction of the Communist party continues to broaden. The Chairman of the Committee for State security released a report that several dozen hardline members of the party were by the Fifth Chief Directorate. The report had initially been given to Chief Commissar Travkin who approved its contents being made public. The Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet praised last night's purge by saying, "Our republic is stronger without fanatical and corrupt elements within the Communist Party. With the White Army retreating toward the frontier we can finally turn toward making our goal of global socialism a reality."


In addition several high-ranking generals were arrested, as was the former Chairman of the KGB, the Director of the First, Third and Ninth Directorates. "We have swept through the ranks of the Communist Party with a fine-toothed comb and removed the rotting element for good," stated Chief Commissar Travkin during a visit to soldiers fighting on the frontier.


Many of the remaining party hardliners have disappeared, most are believed to have gone into hiding after the government released evidence that proved former Chief Commissar Volkov and other members of the Politburo ordered the murders of hundreds of people. -excerpt from the Red Star Journal

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Twelve divisions of the Red Army have been moved into the region surrounding Chelyabinsk in order to deter the Tsarist forces from conducting future attacks on the city. Chairman Travkin and the Politboro members will be given additional protection from the Red Army Security and Protection Regiment. In addition two squadrons of tu-22's and six squadrons of MiG escort/ground attack fighters have conducted strikes against the Tsarist forces in the region northeast of Chelyabinsk.

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Hello again comrade citizens! Today I have good news. The Red Army commenced an operation to root out and destroy remnants of the White Army hiding on the frontier. According to the press release given by the NKVO, our glorious Red Army began shelling the of Yekaterinburg and Kurgan while simultaneously the People's Air Force launched multiple airstrikes near Tyumen that killed the tsarist general, Ivan Menshikov and his brother Nikolai. It is a resounding victory for the revolution comrades! Slava! -DJ Polonium-210 on the Wild Reds Show on the Red Army Radio.


Sverdlovsk 1 of 7

Kurgan 1 of 7

Tyumen 1 of 7

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Communique from the NKVO.

To all Red Army Commanders and Political Commissars


Recent reports indicate that the former tsar, Georgy Fydorovich Romanov and his heir, Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov were spotted in Nizhny Tagil. The Red Army's new objective is to capture or kill the Romanov instigators. However the army's main objective remains to root out and destroy the White Army in the Yekaterinburg, Kurgan and Tyumen regions.



V. V. Belyakov, People's Commissar for War and Defense.


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The Council of Commissars responded to anti-bolshevik rhetoric from foreign leaders today by declaring its intent to protect the class conscious workers and peasants of the world. The declaration came just days after dozens of disappearances were reported in a neighboring, but unidentified nation.

Chairman Travkin issued a stern warning to reactionary governments around the world while touring a collective farm near Orenburg today. He said, “the bourgeois imperialists and capitalist leaders think they have the proletariat under siege, but it is the other way around. The workers you have exploited and trampled on severely outnumber the bourgeoisie. As history marches ever forward down its inevitable path one thing will become clear. The global proletariat is united across racial and national borders and a global socialist revolution is imminent.”

It is likely that the Chairman hoped to signal to foreign nations that the nation will not continue to tolerate the of behavior that has been seen throughout western Europe where imperialist nations are busily dividing up the spoils of failed capitalist states, which are ripe for revolution.

In response to the Chairman’s statement the Politburo has stationed more political commissars at border crossings in order to receive refugees fleeing political persecution in their homelands. -excerpt from the Red Star Journal

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Sverdlovsk 2/7

The Sverdlovsk Front engaged a division of White Army soldiers near Kamensk-Uralsky early Wednesday morning. 47 soldiers were killed in the day long gunfight, but the Red Army succeeded in forcing tsarist forces to retreat west toward Polevskoy, a town with known tsarist sympathies. Polevskoy has became a secondary target in the war against the tsarist guerrillas with an entire division of the Red Army dedicated to capturing it. The main column of the front will advance toward the White Army’s primary stronghold in Yekaterinburg

A similar incident occurred in Kurgan where the Red Army fell short of its objective to enter the city. Vicious street fighting occurred in the city’s northern residential neighborhoods that left over 100 Red Army soldiers and at least 3 civilians dead. The army is currently regrouping for another assault.

Political agitators and NKVD foreign operatives have been successfully inserted into Tyumen. They have begun contacting underground revolutionary organizations with the intent of stirring up dissent and fostering disorder.

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Sverdlovsk 3/7

Kurgan 3/7

Tyumen 3/7

Red Army units raised the Red Banner over the city of Yekaterinburg in victory after city authorities surrendered to the Sverdlovsk front. In spite of the surrender tense clashes between tsarist and revolutionary forces are still being reported within the city limits. Yekaterinburg’s mayor and the city’s legislative council have been placed on house arrest and the tsarist bureaucracy disbanded Yekaterinburg is all but officially occupied by the Red Army.

With Yekaterinburg won the Red Army shifts to a defensive stance. Dozens of border checkpoints are to be established along the border with the Tsarist Empire to the west in order to stop counterrevolutionaries from fleeing the country.

On the Kurgan front the People’s Air Force has begun to pave the way for a second offensive in Shadrinsk after several long nights of intense air strikes against hardened enemy positions. In the ensuing chaos Red Army marines successfully captured the Shadrinsk airfield after hours of heavy fighting. Casualties are high, but the army’s High Command consider them acceptable losses in the fight against the counter revolutionary coalition.

The Soviet agitators in Tyumen have brought the province to the brink of revolution. Organizers and propagandists are hard at work training the local workers and peasants in preparation for the Red Army’s arrival. These local socialists will be instrumental in capturing the hearts and minds and overthrowing the local bourgeois government when the time comes. Already the Central Committee is drawing up plans for a new soviet style puppet state.

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The nation’s brightest and best socialist scientists had been hard at work developing a new airplane that would allow the country to become competitive in international politics. To this end the Extraordinary Committee for Aeronautics and Space Exploration developed a multi-role fighter for use in the People’s air force.

Thus the MiG-Sukhoi 1 was born. It was designed with integrated modular avionics, flight management, data fusion and fire control systems in mind. Defensive properties include electronic countermeasures, radar warning, laser warning and missile warning receivers for threat detection plus a phased array radar jammer and a decoy dispenser for threat countering. The armament includes 14 hardpoints for external fuel or “Leninator” air-to-surface missiles, “Stalinsky” air-to-air missiles and of course the dreaded “Tricent-A” nuclear missile as well as the Tricent-B variant (thermobaric missile). As well as one 1 x 30 mm autocannon.


MiG-Sukhoi 1

General characteristics
Crew: 1–2
Length: 15.27m (50.1ft)
Wingspan: 10.80m (35.4ft)
Height: 5.34m (17.5ft)
Wing area: 45.7m squared (492ft squared)
Empty weight: 9,770 kg (21,540lb)
Loaded weight: 14,016kg (30,900lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 24,500kg
Powerplant: 2 x "supercool" turbofans
Dry thrust: 50.04 kn each
Thrust with afterburner: 75.62 kn each
Fuel capacity: 4,700kg (10,360lb)

Maximum speed:
High altitude: Mach 1.8 (1,912km/h, 1,032knots)
Low altitude: Mach 1.1 (1,390km/h, 750knots)
Range: 3,700+ km (2,000+ nmi) with 3 drop tanks
Combat radius: 1,852+ km (1,000+ nmi) on penetration mission
Service ceiling: 15,235m (50,000ft)
Rate of climb: 304.8+ m/s (60,000+ ft/min)

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