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Your friends up north


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To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Australia

From: The Kings Office, Cascadia


Hello our friends in Australia. We here in Cascadia are quite happy to see a new government has formed down south and would very much like to open up some diplomacy between our two nations. That will culminate to form and treaty between us. If that is something you wish to happen. We would be very happy to host you in our nation or fly down there and meet you in Australia. Also, as you are a new nation, we would like to inquire if you would like to contract our company, Stahlrim, to build your weapons. I await your reply.



-Ryal King of Cascadia, Alan Wymore.

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To: King of Cascadia

From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Australian government has expressed interest in formalizing diplomatic relations and possibly work out an arms agreement. I will personally fly to Cascadia to conduct such talks.


- V.Adm. Nathanial Steer, Foreign Minister


V.Adm. Nathanial Steer would board a government jet and fly to Cascadia at the designated airport.

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The envoy would very quickly bring the vice admiral to a lodge out on Mount Hood. After parking he would be directed into a room where the Kings second son Dillon Wymore and the CEO of Stahlrim Weapons sat waiting. Dillon gestured to the chair across from him while refreshments were brought out and placed on the table.

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