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Spartan Carthaginian Relations


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Sparta War Minister Nikolas of Thebes was deployed to meet with the Carthaginian Delegation.  The Spartan War Machine has begun its mobilization in the face of foreign threats on the Italian Peninsula, and it was expected that the enemy would be cowardly.  Arriving at the palace he extended a hand of friendship.


"Your Royal Highness thank you for receiving me.  We have much matters to discuss.  It is Sparta's hope that we can achieve an amicable relationship in a neighborhood which... does not have the best of intentions.  Carthage seems like a proper state with a strong defense force and a good word.  We hope that we can achieve cooperation between our two people, including strong trade, friendship, intelligence cooperation in smashing our enemies heads upon pikes!"

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As Nikolas arrived at Carthage he would be given a military escort back to the Palace of Kings. Once there he was further guided to the office of the King at which point the room was cleared of all but the King and Nikolas. As Anysus listened to what he said he couldn't help but nod.


"It is my pleasure Minister, I must agree that sadly the Mediterranean seems less friendly than we had originally hoped. We also find Sparta to be one of the few states in the area that seem to share our ideals. While other agreements bind my hands when it comes to the lowering of tariffs and such I can discuss all other matters" Anysus said as he walked to a table in his office filled with various bottles. "I take it you Spartans still have a taste for wine?"

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"So long as it is not the wine of the frog cheese eating surrender monkeys that makes you limp we do." the War Minister said with a laugh as he belched loudly.  "That is understandable, I myself am not a large fan of trade though I am told we need money to buy weapons.  Would that it could still just raid for it." he said with a tone just on the edge of being unable to tell if he was kidding or serious about it.


"As for the rest I agree.  It seems that there is no respect in this region, other than for those to scream until they get what they want.  Which is why from out of this there needs to be some adult supervision, who shows both foresight as to what a prosperous and strong Med Region looks like, but also who has both the credibility and willingness to wield the spear on those who seek only for themselves and cannot be reasoned with by other means.  


To that end we believe that a Carthaginian Spartan Alliance could provide such credibility, serving not only to end current crises but to shape behavior of threats before they occur to positive ends."

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"Only the wine of warriors gets served in this palace." Anysus said as he poured some into two glasses before walking back and giving one of them to the Spartan. 


"As for trade, that is not to say there is no way for trade between us. I am very much interested in having Carthage and Sparta establishing trade ties and if all goes well perhaps even get some kind of free trade agreement between Sparta and the African League." 


Anysus looked over a map of the region as the Spartan continued about the Mediterranean region. Despite being a vital source of trade for the Punic state it was not in an ideal situation. "Despite my history in mercenary groups I've learned there is nothing worse than chaos. While Africa is our home the Mediterranean is the blood that flows through every man, woman and child in Carthage. The Kingdom will support any effort to replace chaos with order. You have my sword so to say."

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"Excellent then let me propose this:


The Pact of Order:


Article I. Alliance


The States of Carthage and Sparta hereby form a political-military alliance, and shall coordinate their actions in order to promote shared national objectives both within the mediterranean and beyond in order to secure a strong Mediterranean Basin proactively.  The states shall not take action to undermine each other's entrance and shall keep council of each other in order to facilitate dialogue.


Article II.  Intelligence Cooperation


The States of Carthage and Sparta will cooperate on Intelligence matters including technical intelligence too include national technical means, shared trade craft, and human intelligence within reason.  A common core of classification types and clearances shall be done in order to facilitate this.


Article III.  Defense Cooperation


The States of Carthage and Sparta shall endeavour for defense cooperation to include military to military contacts, hardware designed to allow units to interact and share information and the technical and operational level, ability for overflight and transit rights within each others territories, joint exercises, and common munitions and sensor plug-in play capability.




Should such a pact be agreeable?

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