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Transferable Limitless Credits - Get $9m or $6m (Whenever you want to receive it) for 200t


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Price for 1 Limitless Credit - 200 Tech


Each Limitless Credit can be redeemed for 1 slot full of money when you want it. So if you want the money immediately after you're done sending the tech, you can. If you want to save the Credit for when you're at war, bill locked, on ZI lists, or in another type of bind, you can redeem your credit then; regardless of the political implications of me sending the money. Even if someone is sanctioned on every color, I'm willing to temporarily switch to the Grey Team to send the money, so long as someone has a Credit to redeem


These Credits can be transferred to other individuals as well, so if you have a friend you want to send aid to, but can't because you don't want to bring your alliance any problems; if you have a credit you can use it to get me to send aid to them for you.


It doesn't matter who you are or who you are fighting, if you have a Credit and want to redeem it for cash; I'm willing to send the money even if it means me giving up any Trade Color Bonuses.


Currently my slots are full, but I'll have some opening soon (Tomorrow Actually). So for those interested, contact me and I'll let you know when I have a slot available for you begin sending the tech to buy a Credit. Not just individuals, but alliances can take advantage of this offer by stock piling credits; or just get 1 or 2 in case they have a use for it later.

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For the first 2 people interested in purchasing a Limitless Credit for the purpose of redeeming it for cash only, I'll give them a special deal and it will only cost them 100 tech for Cash Only Limitless Credit.


So for 100 Tech, you can get $6m or $9m sent to you at a later date or as soon as the slot expires. Although if taking advantage of the discounted price, the Credit will only be redeemable for a slot full of cash and you can't redeem it for 100 tech later, like you would be able to if you pay 200 tech. 


Normally with Limitless Credits, you can pay 200 tech, then later redeem it for 100 tech if you want. So later when you're working on building your own tech up, you can use it to get 100 tech sent to you; when it might cost you more than 10 times the price it does now for you buy 100 tech when your levels are still low


So for the first 2 people to request a Cash Only Limitless Credit for half the price of a regular one, they can get it for cheaper price.

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