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To all international government military and police organizations

Hello, my name is Ewan Stahlrim, I'm the CEO and chief board member of Stahlrim Weapons. Based in the great kingdom of Cascadia.I come before you today announcing that our company has decided to start selling abroad. We produce top quality weapons. Ranging from small arms to military heavy equipment and even some naval vessels. I ask you to check us out and maybe order some products from our fine selection. Have a great day.

Proposed Stahlrim Logo
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The first multinational weapon produced by Stahlrim has been ANNOUNCED!

Marksman Artillery System testing in the Rockies

The Marksman Artillery System is an international project aimed at developing a next-generation self-propelled artillery system for Cascadia, developed by Stahlrim Weapons. The heart of the system is a fully automated Mark1 155 mm and a M151 Protector remote controlled weapon station. Mounted on a modified 6×6 chassis of the Cryo A30D, all-terrain articulated hauler. The crew and engine compartment is armoured and the cab is fitted with bullet and fragmentation-proof windows.

Main Armament: Mark1 155mm Howitzer
Secondary Armament: Remote Weapons System
Weight: 30 Tons
Length: Overall: 14.1 metres (46 ft 3 in)
Gun barrel: 8.06 m (26 ft 5 in)
Width: Overall: 3.0 m (9 ft 10 in)
Height: 3.33.9 m (10 ft 10 in12 ft 10 in)
Crew Needed: 3-4 (Commander, driver, 1-2 operators)
Engine: Diesel 340 hp (250 kW)
Operational Range: 500 km
Speed: 65 km/h

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With the operational days of the HMMWV or Humvee waning, Stahlrim has released a new highly mobile armored car. The Combat Tactical Vehicle, light enough it can be transported by larger helicopters but armored enough it can repel up to a 7.62mm round. As well as it can equipped with a .50 cal, a M134 Minigun, a TOW launcher, or a Mk 16 grenade launcher. With max speeds at around 110 Km/h, this vehicle is a force to reckoned with.

Title: Combat Tactical Vehicle
Abbreviation: CTV
Produced by: Stahlrim Weapons
Top Speed: 112 Km/h
Armament: .50 cal, M134 Minigun, TOW launcher, or a Mk 16 GL
Weight: 4,972 Ibs
Price: 92,000 CMr
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