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In a rain of blood, may the darkness take you

Kevin Kingswell

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The chaos gods were disappointed in the world, the nuclear fires had called to them but now they had began to cool and that was just unacceptable. Thus they commanded their servants to go out into the world and create murder and mayhem where ever they went. As if at random though likely at the whims of Tzeentch the nation of Sweden was to be the first nation to "taste" the touch of chaos upon its lands and people. A full out demonic invasion by warp portal was very possible but with the human servants of the chaos gods untested on this planet it was decided they would have to prove themselves to their masters.


The first stage would be infiltration. A number of still living citizens in the Chaos Wastes would travel to the land of Sweden by conventional routes, planes and boats. These citizens would be unmarked except for hidden chaos tattoos disguised under their clothing. They would also not take any weapons or other dangerous devices. To all appearances they would look and act like any other nation's citizens out on a simple holiday to the land of Sweden, they would book in at hotels and other holiday locations and spend the time to explore and learn about the land of Sweden.


Of course if Sweden had closed borders and disallowed visitors from other nations then a different plan would be required. Likely involving the demons themselves.  

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