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Democalypse: Athens Edition



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With the resignation of the Chief Magistrate the Federation was due an early election in line with the Constitution, in the days following the resignation three individuals had registered to become the next Chief Magistrate of the Athenian Federation.


Francis J. Underwood(Socialist Alliance):

Ideology: Hellenic Socialist/Centre-Left

Fiscal Policy: No more than 5% deficit to maintain a healthy growth of the Athenian economy. Additional spending in education, healthcare and the military. Higher taxation on property and capital gains but lower taxation on income across the board.

Trade Policy: Free trade in most sectors, government control of such vital industries as power, education, water, healthcare, etc.

Monetary Policy: Free floating currency, inflation should not exceed 4% annually. 

Environmental Policy: Maintain existing investments into sustainable energy sources as well as further reducing the need for fossil fuels in transport and the military. Continue restoring deserts.

Immigration Policy: Free entry for all individuals from non-hostile countries. Mandatory path to citizenship process that aims at making immigrants citizens within five years of entering Athenian territory.

Foreign Policy: Act in cooperation with other states as well as international organizations to maintain peace and order. 

Military Policy: Continue increasing funding to the Hellenic Forces for R&D, additional purchases of equipment and to further enhance the training of servicemen and -women. 

Imperial Policy: Maintain current level of autonomy as well as a policy promoting independence of protectorates.


Frank Underwood is by far one of the most popular candidates for Chief Magistrate, representing the current government(which exists of the Socialist Alliance, Green Party and the Dove Party) it is most likely to achieve proper cooperation with the government and the Office of the Megale Autokrateira. Further the proactive foreign policies have led to significant support from the cosmopolitan Athenian citizen. He has received endorsements from the outgoing Chief Magistrate, military and celebrities. Being the only non-European candidate he also enjoys significant support from the outlying territories.


Tacito Rana(Party of Iberia):

Ideology: Nationalist/Conservative

Fiscal Policy: Reduce spending in all sectors with the exception of the military and other security services, lower taxation especially for the higher income groups and abolishing the estate tax.

Trade Policy: Absolute free trade with the exception of the military. Companies currently owned by the government should not be sold.

Monetary Policy: Free floating currency, inflation should not exceed 7% annually. 

Environmental Policy: Investments in the environment are a waste of capital, abolish current caps on carbon and other greenhouse gasses as well as bringing back cheaper fossil fuel based power production.

Immigration Policy: Allow only immigrants with a high education and full understanding of the three Athenian languages. Deny citizenship to all first generation immigrants and only grant citizenship in later generations if one of the parents is an Athenian citizen.

Foreign Policy: Athens is strong! Cooperation with other nations and international organizations has weakened the ability to project globally. Hegemony over Africa and Europe must be maintained without outside forces involved.

Military Policy: Radically increase funding, invest into less advanced but more easily mass produced weapons to arm every citizen of the Athenian Federation. Extend mandatory service to 5 years.

Imperial Policy: More autonomy for the regions, decrease Imperial influence in all fields not related to foreign affairs or the military. Annex all European protectorates as well as expanding Athenian held African territory to the equator. 


Tacito Rana is the most controversial candidate among the three, as de facto leader of the Party of Iberia he represents the far right movements from Spain and Portugal. The Imperial Police Department and the Hispanic Police Department have ongoing investigations that he is involved in a series of murders of immigrants and Imperial officials. He is popular among the various nationalist movements throughout the Federation as his policies aim to decrease the influence of the Imperial government as well as maintaining a military that can be used to enforce Athenian will.


Petros Metaxas(New Democracy):

Ideology: Liberal/Isolationist

Fiscal Policy: Reduce public spending and by law establish that the government may not run a deficit. Any surpluses should be placed into tax returns.

Trade Policy: Absolute free trade, sell government held companies in all sectors.

Monetary Policy: Free floating currency, no inflation beyond 4-5% annually.

Environmental Policy: Continue current environmental policy, promote private initiatives to reduce negative environmental effects with financial incentives.

Immigration Policy: Allow immigrants with a high level of education or the skills currently needed in an economic sector, also allow refugees from territories at war. Provide a 10 year path to citizenship.

Foreign Policy: The time for global powers is over, the Athenian Federation must limits its global projection ability and focus on the Federation itself and protect trade. No intervention in conflicts the Athenian Federation isn't directly involved in.

Military Policy: Lower funding to the military as well as abolishing mandatory service. 

Imperial Policy: Maintain current autonomy for the regions, seek to further minimize influences in the protectorates.


Petros Metaxas is a candidate for the New Democracy that in recent years has become quite influential due to alleged fraud and public accusations from the military and security sectors that its isolationist policies have weakened the ability of the Athenian Federation to properly defend its interests. Despite this however the party and himself have gained in popularity after the report that forced the early elections. He enjoys a lot of popularity within the Athenian mainland but significantly less in outlying territories that feel themselves surrounded by potentially hostile powers.


National and international press are allowed to ask the candidates questions.


OOC: I reserve the right to invalidate votes I believe are done for the lulz.

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