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Portugal - Northlands Meeting


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Ambassador Freitas would be escorted to the government sector of the city, to a building that housed the Office of Foreign Affairs. If he was wondering what to expect, it would become immediately obvious as he was greeted with a cool, professional atmosphere. His presence would be acknowledged by those working there, and some showed flashes of curiosity, but the vast majority would be indifferent. He would be directed to a conference room, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandre Lemaitre would be found waiting, flanked by three ranking members of the Office of Security. 


Once the guest had taken a seat, a file with the most recent communications between Ministry Staff in Funchal and Ponta Delgada and the Ministry in Noordenwind would be passed to him. "Good afternoon Ambassador Freitas, would you care to explain yourself? We have reports that Portuguese fleets have been spotted sailing directly to the Azores and Madeira. We have had no previous interactions between our countries at this point in time, so I am extremely curious as to what is happening here."

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"Well good evening sir. To be quite honest my new government didn't have any indication that your government politically occupied those islands. Foreign Minister Lemaitre, her royal majesty Queen Valéria expresses her utmost sincere apologies in concern to the recent military action undertaken by my country. The Queen has ordered all naval warships headed to the islands to return to their home ports immediately. If it is possible to overcome this rift perhaps our two countries could be open to establishing formal diplomatic ties?"

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"We understand that the situation in these areas may be ambiguous due to your status as a new nation and the fact they have not been annexed by our nation and are not labeled as such. In the interest of promoting relations between our nations, and because of your course correction, I believe it may be best to move forward and put this behind us. For the sake of openness, here's a list of other European territory currently under the jurisdiction of the Northlands: Faroe Islands, Azores, Madeira, Balearic Islands, Monaco, Andorra, and Malta.


We support the formal beginning of ties between our nations. The Northlands has supported your admission to the European Community and as general members we now share a non-aggression pact and economic agreement with one other. However, we support the establishment of bilateral relations in addition to shared membership in a regional organization."

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"This seems like an area where we could find common ground. Do you have any specific considerations for these bases, including function and location? We believe that bases could be leased to Portugal. 


In addition, as you may have heard the Office of Protectorate Affairs has initiated polls to determine the fate of several territories currently owned by the Northlands. Current exit polling in the Azores suggests the people of these islands will choose to ask to join Portugal. Should this happen, we are happy to comply with the results and begin transfer of governance."

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"The bases would contain the proper facilities and staff to maintain any assigned naval contingent assigned to it by the Ministry of Defense. The base on the Balearic Islands would most likely be located in Mahon. At Madeira, in the coast town of Porto Montiz. In terms of the Azores, the Kingdom of Portugal will wait to see what the general referendum tells us. We appreciate the Northlands' initiative at sustaining European peace and stability."

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Pending approval by the Office of Security, the requested bases will be provided to you in Mahon and Porto Montiz. We hope that this can be the start of security relations between our nations. Although we are treatied by non-aggression and optional defense through the European Community, we believe that bilateral relations still maintain an important role in our foreign affairs, and would be willing to pursue closer ties if Portugal found such an idea amenable.


Gibraltar has been administered as a protectorate since the fall of the Vatican. We understand that this is a sensitive issue however the recent poll indicated that the people of Gibraltar very much feel a separate identity from the mainland, similar to the sentiment of English-held Gibraltar some years ago. We would very much wish to cooperate with Portugal, particularly on the security and passage of trade through the Strait. We have no desire to hinder trade, particularly with our European partners, and feel this is an area both our nations could agree upon and work together for. We are also willing to provide assurances that should the Northlands collapse or otherwise relinquish its ownership of Gibraltar, it would pass to Portugal.

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"The Kingdom of Portugal is open to closer relations with Northlands. My government is willing to permit Gibraltar to continue to be administered as a protectorate under the following conditions:


1. Northlands is not to annex the land

2. If Northlands collapses or otherwise relinquishes its ownership of Gibraltar, it would pass to Portugal

3. Allow Portuguese naval vessels to use the port facilities on a non-permanent level"

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"After the recent poll in the region, the status of Gibraltar has been changed to dependent territory in accordance with the vote results. Gibraltar remains outside of the integral area of the Northlands and we can provide your government assurances that this will continue to be the case and there is no wish to annex or incorporate Gibraltar. 


We also find the other terms acceptable. Frankly, we were hoping your government would cooperate with ensuring the security and freedom of trade through the strait, due to your geographical position and naval strength. I believe this is something that we should pursue jointly."

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"Based on the discussion that we've had, military cooperation is almost a necessity. Portugal has proven to be a reasonable, respectful player in the European Community and on the world stage and I think our dealings indicate that our two nations work well together. And frankly, Mr. Freitas, I do not foresee Western Europe being a hot bed of unrest or instability. We are allies with Italy and France and find it prudent to cooperate wherever possible with nations that have similar goals and objectives as our own state.


We propose the creation of a Gibraltar Security Force, stationed at Gibraltar Naval Base. Jointly controlled by both our nations, it will allow for more effective sharing of intelligence and policing responsibilities in the strait, and allow for unhindered trade. We can contribute patrol vessels and sailors for such a venture."

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"Excellent, to recap what we've agreed upon and will include as part of an agreement:


1) The Northlands will lease land for Portuguese naval bases on Madeira and the Baleares

2) Should the Northlands no longer be capable of governing Gibraltar, the lands will revert to Portugal

3) The Gibraltar Security Force will be established, jointly overseen by both nations, with agreed upon ships permanently stationed at Gibraltar Naval Base

4) Other Portuguese vessels will be allowed non-permanent port access so long as proper notification is provided


As general members of the EC we have a non-aggression pact via that treaty. However I believe that the points above would indicate a closer working relationship is needed than that for implementation. The Northlands would prefer to pursue a mutual defense pact if we are to be working together in the strait, however we would also be open to an optional defense arrangement to be re-evaluated for an upgrade after some length of time depending on the wishes of Portugal.


Additionally, we would be willing to include standard agreements including an intelligence sharing clause and promotion of trade between our nations."

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Portugal and Northlands Declaration of Economic and Military Cooperation


In the spirit of friendship and cooperation, Portugal and the Northlands agree to the following provisions laid out in the mutually-agreed upon pact. Both nations remain fully sovereign states and sign this treaty in the hopes that better relations may be attained for the greater peace, prosperity, and good of these two nations.


Article I. Trade


Both Portugal and the Northlands agree to promote trade between one another. Each state will endeavor to lower any tariffs or fees on trade of products and industries between the two nations, bar those considered necessary for vital national interests or those industries which have been granted exception. The nations pledge to work together to achieve this, preferably through reciprocation of changes in commerce regulation and oversight.


Article II. Nonaggression & Intelligence Sharing


Both Portugal and the Northlands agree to a pact of non-aggression, and will not interfere or step into the soil of the other nation when not specifically requested. Nor will either signatory illegally spy, destabilize, or in any other way attempt to bring harm to the other. Portugal and the Northlands agree to disclose and share any relevant intelligence and information.


Article III. Mutual Defense


Both Portugal and the Northlands agree to defend each other from foreign aggression. Should either nation find themselves engaged in a defensive war, the other is required to provide the aid, including economic and military, needed to support and defend the other.  


Article IV. Military Cooperation


The Northlands agrees to lease to Portugal the land and naval installations at the following locations, to be renewed every decade. These bases are under Portuguese jurisdiction while leased, but the surrounding area and all persons inside of it are under the jurisdiction of the Northlands. 

  • Porto Montiz, Madeira
  • Mahon, Minorca


Article V. Gibraltar


Both Portugal and the Northlands recognize that Gibraltar is a non-integral dependent territory of the Northlands. Should the Northlands no longer be capable of governing this territory, responsibility for its governance falls to Portugal. Both nations agree that Portuguese vessels will be provided non-permanent port access with proper prior notification.


Both Portugal and the Northlands agree to the establishment of the Gibraltar Security Force to oversee the security and facilitation of trade through the Strait of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Security Force will be jointly operated by both nations and both nations are expected to commit naval vessels and resources towards it. All vessels that are part of the Security Force are to be stationed at Gibraltar Security Force. Any changes to the operation of the Gibraltar Security Force must be mutually agreed upon by both nations.


Article VI. Cultural Exchange


Both Portugal and the Northlands shall undertake appropriate steps, actions, and policies to encourage and facilitate increased cultural interaction between their respective peoples. Such policies include, but are not limited to, the implementation of study-abroad programs, the relaxation of visa regimes, and other related measures.


Article VII. Termination


Should either Portugal or Northlands feel this treaty no longer serves the purpose for which it is intended, they may notify the other of their intention to cancel. Such notification must be communicated three weeks (OOC: 72 hours) in advance. 




Multiple copies of a draft agreement would be prepared and presented to both delegations. "I am very happy to hear this. Please look over this draft and let me know if there are changes you wish to make. Is there anything else you hoped to discuss today?"

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Signed for the Northlands, 


Alexandre Lemaitre, 

Royal Officer for Foreign Affairs


on behalf of William IV, King of the Northlands, and the High Council



"This treaty will be promptly sent to and ratified by the King and High Council. Is there anything else you wished to discuss between our nations?" he asked warmly.

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