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Mouth of the Dominion (MotD)


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Welcome to the first broadcast of the Mouth of the Dominion, Severed Hand's only news channel. I'm Gina Sparkles and here are our top stories:


Matron Naga appoints the Dominion's cabinet today right here in the capital of Black Shroud. The new ministers are:


Domid al-Khwer, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kalal Hamid, Minister of Internal Affairs

Khalid Ahmed, Minister of Body Harvesting (MoD)

Nazir al-Khwer, Minister of Rites (Technology)

Dina al-Khwer, Minister of Brain Alignment (Education)


In the Far East, the China-Japan war rages on. Domid al-Khwer could not be reached for comment.


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A Minister of Finance and Trade is announced today after much debate. The new Minister, Kolkata, announces that that the Ministry will offer burial and cremation services for both local and international clients.

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