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New Babylon Welcomed to India

mona lisa

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To: Government of New Babylon

From: Ministry of External Affairs, Kingdom of India


His Royal Highness King Kanaka Palan would like to formally invite a high-level government delegation to travel to New Delhi to have an audience with him to discuss formalizing relations and other topics of interest.


- Magistrate of External Affairs Dr. Tausiq Narayan


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After the Babylonian official arrived he would be taken to the Royal Palace. King Kanaka Palan would greet him saying, "Welcome Ministar Ishtar Kunaa to India. It is my hope that our two countries may work collectively in various fields. First if you do not mind I would like to discuss the possibility of a foreign direct investment in the form of a International Joint Venture into IndiaNRG Inc. Its main focus is developing alternative sources of energy, particularly nuclear, solar and wind energy. If Babylonian investors are willing, the Indian government can provide investment financial subsidies, free land or land subsidies, relocation & expatriation, infrastructure subsidies, and derogation from regulations."

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OOC Apologies for the long time to reply. Other threads took over and I forgot about this one. Sorry




'Your Highness, a please to meet you" responded Ishtar with a slight bow before sitting down and listening to the rest of the proposal.


"The Empire I must say is not at this moment interested in investing in such projects. However, we are partial to a free trade agreement."

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