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Factbook of Zapadnaya [CNRP2]

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***Currently under construction***
Nation Name: Zapadnaya Respublika
Short Form: Zapadnaya (За́падная)
Former Name: Kingdom of Zapadnaya, Republic of Bulgaria
Official Languages: Bulgarian, Russian
National Flag:
National Coat of Arms:
-[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122003-factbook-of-zapadnaya-cnrp2/?p=3260247"]Political Parties & Organizations[/url]
-[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122003-factbook-of-zapadnaya-cnrp2/?p=3260248"]Geography & Administrative Divisions[/url]
-[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122003-factbook-of-zapadnaya-cnrp2/?p=3261308"]Foreign Affairs/Embassies[/url]
-[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122003-factbook-of-zapadnaya-cnrp2/?p=3262588"]Military Information[/url]
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Government form: Presidential Republic
Capital City: Svyatoy Veragorod (Executive), Sofia (Legislative)
Administrative Divisions: 28 Oblasts, 7 Provinces, 3 Regions
Independence: July 2, 1999
Constitution: Passed August 1999, Suspended December 2010, replaced by Provisional Constitution March 2014, replaced by current Constitution April 2014
Voting Age: 19 years
Incumbent Government:
President: Paskal Dragomirov
Vice-President: Teodora Petrova
Prime Minister: Iskra Grigorova
Foreign Minister: Ivo Draganov
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Political Parties & Organizations


Political Parties

Socialist Party (SP)

Republican People’s Party (RPP)

European Future Party (EFP)

Justice & Development Party (JDP)

Liberty & Democracy Party (LDP) – Banned

Christian Democratic Party (CDP) – Banned

Communist Party of Zapadnaya (CPZ) – Banned



Association of Angry Pensioners (AAP)

Association of Military Veterans (AMV)

Black Sea Preservation Society (BSP)

Council Against Dictatorship (CAD)

Coalition for Democratic Revolution (CDR) - Banned

Coalition for Universal Healthcare Access (CUHA)

Directorate of Communications (DC)*

Gender Equality Foundation (GEF)

Internet Regulation Bureau (IRB)

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)*

National Council for Human Rights (NCHR)

National Council for the Naming of Offspring (NCNO)

National Property and Land Agency (NPLA)

National Union of Teachers and Students (NUTS)

Society for the Preservation of Zapadnaya's Linguistic Heritage (SPZLH)

Zapadnaya Civil Aviation Agency (ZCAA)

Zapadnayan Frontier Guard Corps (ZFGC)

Zapadnayan Gendarmerie (ZG)

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Geography & Administrative Divisions
Area: Total: 110,879 sq km; Land: 108,489 sq km; Water: 2390 sq km
Land Boundaries: Greece (734 km), Yugoslavia (466 km)
Coastline: 354 km
Maritime Claims
Territorial Waters: 12 nm
Contiguous Zone: 24 nm
Exclusive Economic Zone: 200nm
Administrative Divisions
Oblast Map
Provincial Map
Region Map
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Nationality: Zapadnayan(s)
Population: 12,790,000
Ethnic Groups: Bulgarian (68%), Russian (24%), Armenian (4.6%), Turkish (3%), Roma (0.4%)
Religion: Eastern Orthodox (57.6%), Atheist (25.9%), Armenian Apostolic Church (2.1%), Sunni Muslim (1.4%), Other (13%)
Gender Ratio: 0.84 (males per female)
Age Structure:
0-14 years: 15.2%
15-24 years: 23.6%
25-54 years: 48.2%
55-64 years: 10.0%
65 and older: 3.0%
Median Age: ~27.5 years
Population Growth rate: +0.12%
Net Migration rate: 0.0%
Literacy Rate: Total: 97.65% ; Male: 95.7%; Female: 99.6%
Unemployment: 21.3%
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Currency: Zapadnayan Lira (Z$)
GDP: Z$891 Billion
GDP Growth: +2.06%
Inflation Rate: 3.8%
Agricultural Sector: wine, wheat, barley, livestock
Industrial Sector: electricity, gas, machinery production, weapons production, steel, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding 
Extractive Industries: coal, gold, copper
Energy Generation: Nuclear power (70%), LNG (11%), Coal (10%), Thermal (7%), Hydropower (2%)
Electricity Production (capacity): 42 billion kWh
Electricity Consumption: 27 billion kWh
Zapadnayan Stock Exchange (ZSE)
Current: 37,225.99
Change: -4.11%
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Foreign Affairs/Foreign Embassies
Nation / Zapadnayan Ambassador / Their Ambassador
Imperium of Japan / Sofia Makarova / Jirou Hayashi
Greater Romania / Dr. Olya Mihova / Carol Petrescu
Travel Restrictions: (*Classified*)

Aidennic Alexandria: C
Alvonia: C(-)
Baffin Island: D(-)
Bear Islands: C
Belarus: D(+)
Carthage: C
Cascadia: C
Druk Yul: D(-)
Federation of the Atlantic: C
France: C(+)
Great Britain: C
Great Lakes Republic: C
Hungary-Slovakia: D(+)
Iceland: C
Imperium of Japan: B
Ireland: C
Kingdom of Sparta: C
Kingdom of Yugoslavia: D(-)
Macau: C
Madagascar: C
Muscovy: C(+)
New England: C
New Zealand: C
Northlands: C
Novak: C
Palaven Empire: C
Principality of Shanghai: D(-)
Principality of Tikal: C
Plains Federation: C
Prussia: D(-)
Persian Empire: C
Romania: B(-)
Russian Empire: C
Sparta: C
Sverige: C
Ukraine: C(-)
United Caribbean States: C
United Guyana Republic: C
Vostokslav Remnant: C
Classification A*: Closely allied country. No limitations. Travel to/from permitted without visa
Classification A: Allied country. No number limitations. Travel to/from permitted with visa.
Classification B: Non-hostile country. Number limitations. Travel to/from permitted with visa + background check.
Classification C: Neutral country. Number limitations. Travel to/from permitted with visa + extensive security check.
Classification D: Somewhat hostile country. Number limitations. Travel to/from limited. Requires visa + extensive security checks +additional screening. Automatic security flag.
Classification E: Very hostile country. Travel to/from restricted. Automatic arrest upon attempted arrival/departure. Automatic security flag.
Classification F: Enemy state. Travel to/from restricted. Execution upon attempted departure. Military arrest upon attempted arrival.
(+): Likely to change positively, (-): Likely to change negatively
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Constitution of Zapadnaya Respublika (2014)

We the representatives of the people of Zapadnaya, entrusted by them with the duty of drafting the Constitution, hereby approve and enact the Constitution of Zapadnaya which shall enter into force immediately.
Section One: The State & it’s Symbols
Article 1:
Zapadnaya is a secular, indivisible unitary state which derives it’s sovereignty from the Zapadnayan people who delegate the exercise of the aforementioned sovereignty to the legislative and executive institutions of state.
Article 2:
Zapadnaya is a state governed by the rule of law and respect for human rights. The state shall uphold the concepts of solidarity, social justice and equality before the law for all citizens regardless of gender, ethnicity, class, class, property, residence, religious beliefs or membership in public associations.
Article 3:
Zapadnaya shall be a social state whose policies shall ensure a dignified life for it’s citizens, protect their health and welfare and create a social safety net for all citizens.
Article 4:
The official languages of Zapadnaya shall be Russian and Bulgarian. In accordance with the language law, the official script for Russian shall be Latin script, and the official script for Bulgarian shall be Cyrillic script.
Article 5:
The national flag of Zapadnaya shall be a horizontal tricolor of blue, green and red. The national coat of arms shall consist of a Golden Lion rampant upon a field of azure above a metal cog, surrounded by two bundles of wheat ears bound by a ribbon in the colors of the national flag bearing the inscriptions ‘681’ and ‘1944’. The national anthem shall be ‘Farewell of Slavianka’ [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5lvmV2pH7M]. The Executive Capital of Zapadnaya shall be the city of Svyatoy Veragorod, and the Legislative Capital of Zapadnaya shall be the city of Sofia.
Article 6:
It shall be the paramount duty of the Armed Forces of Zapadnaya to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and secular character of the state against all threats be they internal or external. And to safeguard the security of the state.
Article 7:
The previous six (6) articles of the constitution may not be amended or changed without the approval of the Executive, the Legislature and the Zapadnayan Armed Forces.
Section Two: Citizenship
Article 8:
All citizens of Zapadnaya are afforded certain rights and fundamental freedoms and certain responsibilities. These rights and freedoms shall be recognized and protected by the state, while the responsibilities must be recognized and respected by all citizens of the state.
Article 9:
Any individual who holds Zapadnayan citizenship and maintains strong ties to Zapadnaya is a Zapadnayan. All Zapadnayan citizens are equal regardless of the legal mechanism by which they acquired their citizenship, and are required to be treated equally by the state. Zapadnayan citizenship shall be acquired and lost in accordance with the citizenship laws defined by the government.
Article 10:
Should any individual seek to obtain foreign citizenship while holding Zapadnayan citizenship, the individual shall automatically forfeit their Zapadnayan citizenship upon the granting of foreign citizenship.
Article 11:
Any individual who, at the time of his or her birth, has one parent who is a Zapadnayan citizen shall automatically obtain Zapadnayan citizenship. An individual whose parents are both Zapadnayan citizens shall also automatically obtain Zapadnayan citizenship.
Article 12:
Any individual who is born within the territory of Zapadnaya to parents who are not Zapadnayan citizens may acquire residency provided they meet the application criteria and provided that their parents are not citizens of an enemy state.
Article 13:
Any individual who acquires Zapadnayan citizenship through marriage to a Zapadnayan citizen shall automatically lose their citizenship upon the dissolution of the marriage through which they obtained citizenship.
Section Three: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
Article 14: 
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the right to own property and shall not have this right infringed upon in any circumstance without just cause.
Article 15:
Citizens of Zapadnaya who have reached the age of nineteen (19) years have the right to vote in elections and referenda provided they have not been convicted of a criminal offense or are no longer residing in Zapadnaya.
Article 16:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the right to access to affordable healthcare for themselves and their families.
Article 17:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the right to worship and participate in religious practices of any faith provided that the aforementioned practice does not infringe upon the rights of other citizens or constitute a violation of Zapadnayan law. Accordingly the state shall not restrict or prohibit individuals practicing their faith except in cases where doing so poses a danger to other citizens or the institutions of the state.
Article 18:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the right to peacefully assemble and to stage protests and demonstrations provided that said protests, demonstrations or assemblies do not violate the law and do not infringe upon the rights of other citizens.
Article 19:
Citzens have the right to only be prohibited from that which is prohibited by law, and the right not to be forced by the state to undertake any act or action which is not present in law.
Article 20:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the right not to be arbitrarily arrested or imprisoned except according to the law. Upon arrest, all citizens are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
Article 21:
The right of the free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most fundamental rights of the citizen. Therefore each citizen has the right to speak, write, print and record freely but shall be responsible for all abuses of this right as defined by the law.
Article 22:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to vote in public referenda and in elections when called upon to do so.
Article 23:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to serve no less than two years in the Zapadnayan Armed Forces unless exempted by law.
Article 24:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to pay all prescribed taxes approved by legislative act.
Article 25:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to uphold the standards and ideals of the nation of Zapadnaya and to defend the nation if called upon to do so.
Article 26:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to undertake meaningful work to contribute to society and have the right to be justly compensated for that work.
Article 27:
Citizens of Zapadnaya, recognizing the importance of the family unit, must ensure that their children have access to education and have the responsibility to ensure the well-being of their children as their fundamental duty as parents.
Article 28:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to give evidence or judicial testimony against any individual if called upon to do so by the relevant authorities.
Article 29:
Citizens of Zapadnaya have the responsibility to report any plot to overthrow the constitutional order of the state to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner.
Section Four: The Government
Article 30:
The governing authority of Zapadnaya shall be vested in the three branches of government: the Presidency, the Legislature and the Judiciary.
Article 31:
Supreme legislative powers shall be held by the bicameral Parliament of Zapadnaya. The Parliament shall consist of:
-The National Assembly of Zapadnaya
-The Senate of Zapadnaya
Article 32:
The National Assembly of Zapadnaya shall consist of 500 Deputies who are elected to serve five (5) year terms in office. Deputies must be citizens of Zapadnaya who have no criminal convictions against them and who are not married to foreign citizens at any time during their terms.
Article 33:
The Senate of Zapadnaya shall consist of 100 Senators, 90 of whom are elected by the national regions using the D’Hondt method of seat allocation and 10 of whom are appointed by the Armed Forces of Zapadnaya. Elected Senators shall serve five (5) year terms, while appointed Senators shall serve for life or until their retirement. Senators must be citizens of Zapadnaya who have no serious criminal convictions against them and who are not married to foreign citizens at any time during their terms.
Article 34:
With the exception of legislation concerning supply, all legislation must be approved by both the National Assembly and the Senate before being enacted into law.
Article 35:
It shall be the additional duty of the National Assembly to recommend to the President a suitable candidate for Prime Minister and to approve the appointment of government ministers via confidence vote.
Article 36:
The President of Zapadnaya is the Head of State. It shall be the duty of the President of the Republic to represent the nation, to uphold and ensure the implementation of the Zapadnayan Constitution and to ensure the harmonious functions of all organs of state.
Article 37:
Any citizen of Zapadnaya who is at least twenty-six years of age and who has acquired at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution may offer him or herself as a candidate for the Presidency. Such a citizen must sever all ties with political parties and may not hold political office prior to his or her election to the Presidency.
Article 38:
The President is elected via direct vote of the people to serve a seven (7) year term in office. Once elected a President may only serve a maximum of two consecutive seven year terms.
Article 39:
Upon his or her election, the President of the Republic is required to swear the following oath to Parliament: “In my capacity as President, I swear upon my honor before the people of Zapadnaya to respect and safeguard the rights of man and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of Zapadnaya, to protect the sovereignty, independence, security and integrity of the state and to faithfully serve the people.”
Article 40:
The President of the Republic shall deliver the opening address to the National Assembly on the first day of the legislative year.
Article 41:
The President shall hold the power to summon the Parliament when it is necessary to do so.
Article 42: 
The President shall hold the power to return laws passed by the legislature to the Parliament for reconsideration and to submit to public referendum any legislation which would result in the amendment of the constitution.
Article 43:
The President shall have the authority to seek the opinion of the Constitutional Court on the legality and constitutionality of any law passed by the Parliament and, if necessary, to seek to annul certain provisions of or entire laws approved by the Parliament should they be found to be incompatible with the constitution.
Article 44:
The President shall have the authority to dissolve the Parliament prior to the conclusion of it’s term and to order new elections to the aforementioned Parliament.
Article 45:
The President shall have the authority, with the approval of Parliament, to appoint the Prime Minister from the Deputies in the National Assembly. Additionally the President may accept the resignation of the Prime Minister.
Article 46:
The President shall have the authority to appoint the Defense, Interior and Armaments Ministers by consultation with the Prime Minister.
Article 47:
The President shall accredit representatives of Zapadnaya to foreign states and to receive representatives of foreign states appointed to Zapadnaya.
Article 48:
The President shall have the authority to ratify and promulgate international treaties and agreements.
Article 49:
The President shall appoint the Chief of the Armed Forces of Zapadnaya and shall chair the Supreme Military Command of the Zapadnayan Armed Forces in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief.
Article 50:
The President holds the power to order the mobilization and deployment of the Zapadnayan Armed Forces.
Article 51:
The President, in his capacity as the head of the National Security Council, has the authority to proclaim martial law, a state of emergency, or a state of siege, and to issue decrees during the aforementioned period which have the force of law even if those decrees violate the constitution.
Article 52:
The President may, at his or her discretion, issue pardons or clemency to individuals as recommended by the Judiciary.
Article 53:
The President has the authority to appoint the members of the Constitutional Court based upon the candidates provided by the Judiciary Oversight Council (JOC).
Article 54:
In the event of a temporary absence of the President, the Vice-President shall serve as Acting President. Should there not be a sitting Vice-President, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff shall serve as Acting President.
Article 55:
Should a President fail to discharge his duties in accordance with the Constitution, or should he fail to uphold the secular nature of the state, or should he commit a crime of a serious nature while holding the office of President, it shall be the duty of the Parliament to begin proceedings to impeach the President.
Article 56:
Should the Parliament seek to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the Republic when, in the opinion of the Supreme Court, there is not sufficient evidence for impeachment, the entire Parliament shall be dissolved and the outgoing members of the Parliament shall be barred from politics for not less than 3 years.
Article 57:
The Judiciary shall consist of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the Regional Courts and the Administrative Courts. The appointment of members to these bodies shall be undertaken according to the Law governing Judicial appointments.
Section Five: The Family & Society
Article 58:
Recognizing that the most important fundamental unit of society is the nuclear family, we hereby define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Accordingly only those unions which meet the aforementioned definition shall be recognized as being legal by the state.
Article 59:
Recognizing the duty of the state to protect the lives of all citizens, including the most vulnerable among us, hereby prohibits abortion for any reason without exception.
Article 60:
Recognizing the important duty of the nation to ensure that it’s future citizens receive a well-rounded education grounded in an understanding of the nation’s history and culture mandates that all educational institutions shall be required to have their curricula approved by the relevant authorities.
Article 61:
To assist in the strengthening of the bonds between family members, hereby affords all families with children a guarantee of one month’s vacation with pay each calendar year.
Article 62:
All new parents are entitled to at least six months maternity (or paternity) leave from their place of employment so long as the appropriate advance notice is given to the employer.
Article 63:
Recognizing the importance of education as a means of social and financial elevation, the state shall subsidize the cost of education for those individuals who do not possess the means to pay the full cost of their education provided that the individual pledges to undertake a period of community service.
Article 64:
Recognizing the importance of the sacrifice of those individuals who served in the Armed Forces of Zapadnaya in the third Great War, the state shall endeavor to ensure that no veteran of the third Great War shall be unable to support him or herself during the period of their retirement.
Article 65:
Recognizing the importance of supporting the Armed Forces in the future, the state shall require the Association of Retired Armed Forces Personnel (ARAFP) to oversee the creation of an independent pension system for all current and future members of the Armed Forces who sacrifice for the safety of the nation.
Article 66:
Recognizing the need to uphold the moral standards of society, the state shall seek to discourage inappropriate public displays of affection.
Article 67:
Recognizing the need to encourage the development of the next generation of citizens into morally upstanding individuals, the state hereby prohibits the owning, wearing or possession of a fedora for any purposes.
Article 68:
For the sake of the national order, the wearing of neckbeards by any individual shall constitute a misdemeanor criminal offense.
Article 69:
Recognizing the urgent need to increase the population of Zapadnaya, hereby grants the Health Minister the authority to prohibit the sale or distribution of contraception for a period of two years. The prohibition may be renewed at the discretion of the aforementioned government minister.
Article 70:
In the interest of encouraging genuine creativity and art, the state shall prohibit the playing, production or broadcast of any of the following types of music: country music, ‘emo’ music or bluegrass music.
Article 71:
All provisions of this constitution shall enter into force immediately. Any approved amendments to the constitution shall enter into force upon the approval of those amendments.
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Military Information
Overview of allocation of personnel:
Total: 850,000 active military personnel (Max personnel: 900k - 50k aircraft substitution)
Zapadnayan Armed Forces
Army: 600,000
Navy: 10,000
Air Force: 10,000
Special Forces: 10,000 
Territorial Defense Force: 3,000
ABC Unit: 2,000
Army of the Guardians of the Zapadnayan Revolution (GZR)
Army: 200,000
Navy: 5,000
Air Force: 5,000
Special Forces: 5,000
Army of the Zapadnayan Republic
Motto: “Libertas, Defensio, Victoria” (Liberty, Defense, Victory)
Commander: Sr. General Nikita Radkova
GSh-18 Semi-automatic pistol
Vityaz-SN Submachine gun (Special Forces only)
AK-74M Assault rifle
AN-94 Assault rifle
SR-3M Silenced Automatic rifle
Dragunov SVD Sniper rifle
KSVK Anti-material rifle
Kord Heavy machine gun
RG-6/6G30 Grenade launcher
GM-94 Grenade launcher
AGS-30 Automatic grenade launcher
MON-50 (Anti-personnel)
MON-90 (Anti-personnel)
MON-100 (Anti-personnel)
MON-200 (Anti-personnel)
TM-57 (Anti-Tank)
TM-62 (Anti-Tank)
TM-72 (Anti-Tank)
TM-83 (Anti-Tank)
TM-89 (Anti-Tank)
MANPADs and Shoulder launched missiles:
9K115-2 Metis-M (Anti-Tank missile system)
9M133 Kornet (Anti-Tank missile system)
RPG-32 Hashim (Rocket propelled grenade system)
9K34 Strela-3 (MANPAD)
9K38 Igla (MANPAD)
AGS-17 Plamya (Automatic grenade launcher)
Armored Personnel Carriers & Infantry Fighting Vehicles
9P162 “Kornet-T” anti-tank version
BRM-3K “Rhys”
Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems
BM-30 Smerch
TOS-1 Buratino
BM-21 Grad
Self-propelled Artillery
Towed Artillery
L118 Light Gun
Transport Helicopters
Mil Mi-26
Ka-62M Kasatka
Attack Helicopters
Air Force of the Zapadnayan Republic
Motto: “Desursum” (From above)
Commander: Sr. General Zahrinka Vaneva

Aerial Refueling

KC-135R (x24)


Attack Aircraft

Su-34 (x36)


Airborne Command Post

E-4B (x3)



B-2 (x12)*

Tu-160 (x24)


Cargo Aircraft

Il-76 (x24)


Carrier-based Aircraft

F/A-18 Hornet (x36)


Electronic Warfare

E-130H Compass Call (x12)

EA-18G Growler (x48)



F-16 (x144)

F-22 (x120)*



MiG-31 (x24)



C-17 Globemaster III (x24)

C-130 Hercules (x12)

An-124 Ruslan (x3)



U-2S (x6)

RC-135 (x6)

Navy of the Zapadnayan Republic
Motto: “Defensor Mare Nigrum” (Defender of the Black Sea)
Commander: Zlatko Dragomirov
(Point additions: Crv+5, Cru+2, Frg+2, Dst+1)
Aircraft Carriers: 7 (Nimitz class)

ZNS Ivan Shishman

ZNS Ivan Sratsimir

ZNS Constantine II

ZNS Alexander I

ZNS Ferdinand I


ZNS Simeon II


Attack Submarines: 5 (Los Angeles class)

ZNS Theodore Svetoslav

ZNS George Terter II

ZNS Michael III Shishman

ZNS Ivan Stephen

ZNS Ivan Alexander


ICBM Submarines: 2 (Ohio class)

ZNS Smilets

ZNS Chaka


Destroyers: 14 (Arleigh-Burke class)*

ZNS Petar IV

ZNS Ivan Asen

ZNS Petar V

ZNS Kaloyan

ZNS Boril

ZNS Ivan Asen II

ZNS Kaliman Asen I

ZNS Michael II Asen

ZNS Kaliman Asen II

ZNS Mitso Asen

ZNS Constantine

ZNS Ivan Asen III

ZNS Ivaylo

ZNS George Terter I


Frigates: 14 (Shivalik class)*

ZNS Omurtag

ZNS Malamir

ZNS Presian

ZNS Boris

ZNS Vladimir

ZNS Simeon

ZNS Petar

ZNS Boris II

ZNS Roman

ZNS Samuel

ZNS Gavril Radomir

ZNS Ivan Vladislav

ZNS Petar II Delyan



Battleships: 9 (Iowa class)

ZNS Vinekh

ZNS Telets

ZNS Sabin

ZNS Umor

ZNS Toktu

ZNS Pagan

ZNS Telerig

ZNS Kardam

ZNS Krum


Landing Ships: 9 (Wasp class)

ZNS Zhelev

ZNS Stoyanov

ZNS Parvanov

ZNS Plevneliev

ZNS Asparukh

ZNS Tervel

ZNS Kormesiy

ZNS Sevar

ZNS Kormisosh


Cruisers: 7 (Kirov class)

ZNS Damyanov

ZNS Georgiev

ZNS Ganev

ZNS Traykov

ZNS Zhivkov

ZNS Dimitrov

ZNS Mladenov


Corvettes: 18 (Visby class)*
ZNS Sofia
ZNS Svyatoy Veragorod
ZNS Varna
ZNS Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
ZNS Bogomolov
ZNS Arrgh
ZNS Kerensky
ZNS Vladimirsky
ZNS Lenin
ZNS Kalinin
ZNS Ignatov
ZNS Orlov
ZNS Yeltsin
ZNS Putin
ZNS Medvedev
ZNS Andropov
ZNS Gorbachev
Special Forces
Motto: “Non timebo malum!” (I will fear no evil)
Commander: General Isidora Yankova
Territorial Defense Force
Motto: “Nos Defendat!” (We Defend!)
Commander: General Jovanka Asenova
Surface-to-air missile systems
S-400 Triumf [Range: 40-400km]
A-135 Anti-ballistic missile system
Self-propelled Anti-aircraft systems
SA-19 Grison [Range: 500km]
Anti-ship systems
MM40 Exocet missile (surface launched) [Range: Block 2 – 72km, Block 3 – 180 km]
Surface-to-surface missiles
Short range:
SS-26 Stone [Range: 280km – 400km]
Fateh 110 [Range: 300km]
SCUD-D [Range 300km]
Medium range:
Agni I [Range: 700-1250km]
Agni II [Range: 2000km]
Agni III [Range: 3500-5000km]
Jericho II [Range: 1300km]
SS-27 Sickle B [Range: 11,000km]
ABC Unit
Motto: “Umbra, Vindicta, Victoria!” (Shadow, Vengeance, Victory!)
Commander: Gen. Yekaterina Trubacheva
Weaponized anthrax
Mustard gas
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Additional Military Information


Zapadnaya National Defense Industries:


Zapadnaya Aerospace Research (ZAR) - Missile and RADAR design and production

Organization for Strategic Armaments (OSA)*- Atomic, Biological and Chemical Weapons production

Zapad Defense Systems (ZDS) - Tank, APC, Rifle, Mine, etc. production

Zapad Aviation Systems (ZAS) - Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV design and production

Zapad Shipyards (ZS) - Ship, Hovercraft and Submarine design and production


Current Defensive Missile system deployment points:


Anti-Ship systems: 

Exocet Block 2 locations: Balchik, Varna, Sunny beach, Burgas, Primorsko

Exocet Block 3 locations: Balchik, Varna, Sunny beach, Burgas, Ahtopol


Anti-Aircraft systems:

S-400 Triumf locations: Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Sofia, Montana, Shumen, Dobrich, Vidin

S-300 PMU1 Deployment locations:

S-300 PMU2 Deployment locations:


Anti-Missile systems:

Iron dome deployment locations: Svyatoy Veragorod/Targovishte, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Montana, Burgas


Current Offensive Missile system deployment points:

Short Range missiles:


Medium Range missiles:

Jericho II missile silo locations: Sofia, Dobrich, Stara Zagora

Agni III missile silo locations: Pleven, Lovech, Razgrad, Yambol, Pernik


Long Range missiles:

SS-27 Sickle B locations: Kazanluk, Sliven, Burgas


Current Fixed RADAR locations:

AN/TPS-71 ROTHR: Yambol, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Blagoevgrad

Voronezh-DM Radar (Early Warning) [Det. Range: 6000 km]:
Voronezh-M Radar (Early Warning) [Det. Range: 6000km]:


Organization of the Zapadnayan Army


Unit Sizes

Squad – 8 Soldiers - Sergeant

Platoon – 25 [~3 Squads] - Lieutenant

Company – 100 [4 Platoons] - Major

Battalion – 500 [5 Companies] – Lieutenant Colonel

Brigade – 2,500 [5 Battalion] - Colonel

Division – 10,000 [4 Brigades] - General

Corps – 20,000 [2 Divisions] – Lieutenant General

Field Army – 60,000 [3 Corps] – General

Battle Group – 300,000 [5 Field Armies] – Senior General



Organizational Structure of 1st Battle Group (Incomplete)



1st Battle Group ‘Mountain Wolves’

·       1st Field Army

o   1st Corps

§  1st Division

·       1st Brigade ‘Svyatoy Veragorod Armored Brigade’

o   1st Battalion ‘Bistra’ (Armor)

o   2nd Battalion ‘Buhovtsi’ (Armor)

o   3rd Battalion ‘Razboyna’ (Armored Engineer)

o   4th Battalion ‘Slayanovo’ (Armored Recon)

o   5th Battalion ‘Tsar’ (Anti-Tank)

·       2nd Brigade ‘Sofia Infantry Brigade’

o   6th Battalion ‘Aldomirovtsi’ (Infantry)

o   7th Battalion ‘Anton’ (Infantry)

o   8th Battalion ‘Bahalin’ (Anti-Tank)

o   9th Battalion ‘Barlozhnitsa’ (Recon)

o   10th Battalion ‘Beledie Han’ (Engineer)

·       3rd Brigade ‘Lesnovo Infantry Brigade’

o   11th Battalion ‘Chavdar’ (Infantry)

o   12th Battalion ‘Chelopech’ (Infantry)

o   13th Battalion ‘Delyan’ (Anti-tank)

o   14th Battalion ‘Dragotintsi’ (Engineer)

o   15th Battalion ‘Dramsha’ (Recon)

·       4th Brigade ‘Karlievo Infantry Brigade’

o   16th Battalion ‘Galabovtsi’ (Infantry)

o   17th Battalion ‘Gabra’ (Infantry)

o   18th Battalion ‘Golema Rakovitsa’ (Infantry)

o   19th Battalion ‘Gorna Malina (Anti-tank)

o   20th Battalion ‘Izvor’ (Recon)

§  2nd Division

·       5th Brigade ‘Vidin Armored Brigade’

o   21st Battalion ‘Boynitsa’ (Armor)

o   22nd Battalion ‘Chuprene’ (Armor)

o   23rd Battalion ‘Gorni Lom’ (Armor)

o   24th Battalion ‘Kosovo’ (Anti-tank)

o   25th Battalion ‘Makresh’ (Recon)

·       6th Brigade ‘Kladorub Armored Brigade’

o   26th Battalion ‘Negovanovtsi’ (Armor)

o   27th Battalion ‘Novo Selo’ (Armor)

o   28th Battalion ‘Rabisha’ (Anti-tank)

o   29th Battalion ‘Ruzhintsi’ (Recon)

o   30th Battalion ‘Tolovitsa’ (Engineer)

·       7th Brigade ‘Vanguard Armored Brigade’

o   31st Battalion ‘Bolt’ (Armor)

o   32nd Battalion ‘Spark’ (Armor)

o   33rd Battalion ‘Cloud’ (Anti-tank)

o   34th Battalion ‘Surge’ (Recon)

o   35th Battalion ‘Wave’ (Engineer)

·       8th Brigade ‘Montana Infantry Brigade’

o   36th Battalion ‘Barzia’ (Infantry)

o   37th Battalion ‘Belimel’ (Infantry)

o   38th Battalion ‘Berkovitsa’ (Infantry)

o   39th Battalion ‘Botevo’ (Anti-tank)

o   40th Battalion ‘Brusartsi’ (Recon)

o   2nd Corps

§  1st Division

·       9th Brigade ‘Alpha Armored Brigade’

o   41st Battalion ‘Todor’ (Armor)

o   42nd Battalion ‘Kliment (Armor)

o   43rd Battalion ‘Dragan’ (Anti-tank)

o   44th Battalion ‘Petko’ (Recon)

o   45th Battalion ‘Johann’ (Engineer)

·       10th Brigade ‘Beta Armored Brigade’

o   46th Battalion ‘Leonid’ (Armor)

o   47th Battalion ‘Dragan II’ (Armor)

o   48th Battalion ‘Petko II’ (Armor)

o   49th Battalion ‘Kliment II’ (Recon)

o   50th Battalion ‘Vasil’ (Engineer)

·       11th Brigade ‘Gamma Infantry Brigade’

o   51st Battalion ‘Konstantin’ (Infantry)

o   52nd Battalion ‘Stefan’ (Infantry)

o   53rd Battalion ‘Konstantin II’ (Anti-tank)

o   54th Battalion ‘Dimitar’ (Infantry)

o   55th Battalion ‘Racho’ (Recon)

·       12th Brigade ‘Delta Artillery Brigade’

o   56th Battalion ‘Petko IV’ (Infantry)

o   57th Battalion ‘Stoyan’ (Artillery)

o   58th Battalion ‘Racho II’ (Artillery)

o   59th Battalion ‘Petar’ (Engineers)

o   60th Battalion ‘Aleksandar’ (Recon)

§  2nd Division

·       13th Brigade ‘Epsilon Armored Brigade’

o   61st Battalion ‘Ivan’ (Armor)

o   62nd Battalion ‘Evstratiev’ (Armor)

o   63rd Battalion ‘Teodor’ (Armor)

o   64th Battalion ‘Andrey’ (Recon)

o   65th Battalion ‘Nikola’ (Anti-tank)

·       14th Brigade ‘Zeta Armored Brigade’

o   66th Battalion ‘El Diablo’ (Armor)

o   67th Battalion ‘Pencho’ (Armor)

o   68th Battalion ‘Andrey II’ (Armor)

o   69th Battalion ‘Georgi’ (Recon)

o   70th Battalion ‘Bogdan’ (Anti-tank)

·       15th Brigade ‘Eta Infantry Brigade’

o   71st Battalion ‘Kimon’ (Infantry)

o   72nd Battalion ‘Dobri’ (Infantry)

o   73rd Battalion ‘Ivanov’ (Infantry)

o   74th Battalion ‘Gyorge’ (Anti-tank)

o   75th Battalion ‘Yulia’ (Recon)

·       16th Brigade ‘Theta Infantry Brigade’

o   76th Battalion ‘Stanko’ (Infantry)

o   77th Battalion ‘Grisha’ (Infantry)

o   78th Battalion ‘Dimitar’ (Infantry)

o   79th Battalion ‘Phillip’ (Anti-tank)

o   80th Battalion ‘Lyuben’ (Recon)

o   3rd Corps

§  1st Division

·       17th Brigade ‘Iota Artillery Brigade’

o   81st Battalion ‘Simeon’ (Artillery)

o   82nd Battalion ‘Sergei’ (Artillery)

o   83rd Battalion ‘Boyko’ (Infantry)

o   84th Battalion ‘Marin’ (Engineer)

o   85th Battalion ‘Plamen’ (Recon)

·       18th Brigade ‘Kappa Artillery Brigade’

o   86th Battalion ‘Bliznashki’ (Artillery)

o   87th Battalion ‘Oresharski’ (Artillery)

o   88th Battalion ‘Raykov’ (Infantry)

o   89th Battalion ‘Borisov’ (Recon)

o   90th Battalion ‘Stanishev’ (Engineer)

·       19th Brigade ‘Lambda Infantry Brigade’

o   91st Battalion ‘Sakskoburggotski’ (Infantry)

o   92nd Battalion ‘Kostov’ (Infantry)

o   93rd Battalion ‘Sofiyanski’ (Infantry)

o   94th Battalion ‘Videnov’ (Anti-tank)

o   95th Battalion ‘Indzhova’ (Recon)

·       20th Brigade ‘Mu Armored Brigade’

o   96th Battalion ‘Berov’ (Armor)

o   97th Battalion ‘Dimitrov’ (Armor)

o   98th Battalion ‘Popov’ (Anti-tank)

o   99th Battalion ‘Lukanov’ (Recon)

o   100th Battalion ‘Atanasov’ (Engineer)

§  2nd Division

·       21st Brigade ‘Nu Artillery Brigade’

o   101st Battalion ‘Filipov’ (Artillery)

o   102nd Battalion ‘Todorov’ (Artillery)

o   103rd Battalion ‘Zhuvkov’ (Infantry)

o   104th Battalion ‘Yugov’ (Recon)

o   105th Battalion ‘Chervenkov’ (Engineer)

·       22nd Brigade ‘Xi Infantry Brigade’

o   106th Battalion ‘Kolarov’ (Infantry)

o   107th Battalion ‘Gabrovski’ (Infantry)

o   108th Battalion ‘Zlatev’ (Infantry)

o   109th Battalion ‘Georgiev’ (Anti-tank)

o   110th Battalion ‘Mushanov’ (Recon)

·       23rd Brigade ‘Omicron Armored Brigade’

o   111th Battalion ‘Malinov’ (Armor)

o   112th Battalion ‘Lyapchev’ (Armor)

o   113th Battalion ‘Stamboliyski’ (Armor)

o   114th Battalion ‘Teodorov’ (Recon)

o   115th Battalion ‘Geshov’ (Engineer)

·       24th Brigade ‘Pie Armored Brigade’

o   116th Battalion ‘Gudev’ (Armor)

o   117th Battalion ‘Stanchov’ (Armor)

o   118th Battalion ‘Petrov’ (Anti-tank)

o   119th Battalion ‘Danev’ (Recon)

o   120th Battalion ‘Blueberry’ (Engineer)

·       2nd Field Army

·       3rd Field Army

·       4th Field Army

·       5th Field Army




Zapadnayan Military Base Locations:


Zapadnayan Naval Bases:

Varna Naval Base (Varna)

Burgas Naval Base (Burgas)


Zapadnayan Air Force Bases:

Bezmer Air Base (Yambol)

Chayka Naval Air Base (Varna)

Dobrich Air Base (Dobrich)

Dobroslavtsi Air Base (Sofia)

Dolna Mitropoliya Air Base (Pleven)

Gabrovnitsa Air Base (Montana)

Graf Ignatievo Air Base (Plovdiv)

Haskovo Malevo Air Base (Haskovo)

Krumovo Air Base (Plovdiv)

Nebneb Air Base (Burgas)

Ravnets Air Base (Burgas)

Silistra Airfield (Silistra)

Sliven Airfield (Sliven)

Svyatoy Capital Air Base (Svyatoy Veragorod/Targovishte)

Veragorod Capital Air Base (Svyatoy Veragorod/Targovishte)

Vrazhdebna Air Base (Sofia)


Zapadnaya Military Bases:

Fort Achelois Military Base (Montana)

Fort Atropos Military Base (Pernik)

Fort Boreas Military Base (Blagoevgrad)

Fort Brizo Military Base (Stara Zagora)

Fort Kalypso Military Base (Sliven)

Fort Kastor Military Base (Shumen)

Fort Cybele Military Base (Razgrad)

Fort Demeter Military Base (Pleven)

Fort Aether Military Base (Sofia)

Fort Apollo Military Base (Svyatoy Veragorod/Targovishte)

Fort Gaia Military Base (Lovech)

Fort Heracles Military Base (Gabrovo)


List of Zapadnayan Civilian Airports:

Burgas Regional Airport [BOJ] (Burgas)

Gorna Oryahovitsa Regional Airport [GOZ] (Veliko Tarnovo)

Plovdiv Regional Airport [PDV] (Plovdiv)

Sofia International Airport [SOF] (Sofia)

Stara Zagora International Airport [SZG] (Stara Zagora)

Svyatoy Veragorod Airport [???] (Svyatoy Veragorod/Targovishte)*


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