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Elections in the Serene Republic of Vaule (XI)


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[b]VNN News: Parliamentary elections begin, vote delayed in East Ingushetia[/b]


"Across the Serene Republic today, voters are being asked to go to the polls in the much anticipated Parliamentary elections. After a heated campaign by all major parties, the decision is now in the hands of the electorate. After addressing an electoral rally in the city of Novosibirsk, Prime Minister Rokossovsky returned to the headquarters of his Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) party in the capital. In a short statement before the polls opened, the Prime Minister expressed his confidence that the voters would examine the 'record of performance' and 'economic stability' attained under his premiership when going to the polls and suggested that he is 'confident' that he will remain Prime Minister.


Opposition leader, and Slavic Unity Party (SUP) candidate Vladimir Boskovic led an unusually spirited campaign in which he visited at least thirty-five key constituencies in the past ten days. Mr. Boskovic has presented himself as the man capable of generating sustained economic growth and development, though he has had a difficult time emerging from the shadow of his brother Antonin Boskovic (former Prime Minister and SUP leader and current Deputy Federal Prime Minister). Despite several statements stressing the party's unity behind Vladimir Boskovic as their candidate, a number of SUP officials have privately expressed concerns that he will never be as 'charismatic or dynamic' as his older brother. In fact, a handful of SUP officials are said to be urging Deputy Prime Minister Boskovic to consider a return to politics in the Serene Republic of Vaule. Our pollsters have predicted that Prime Minister Rokossovsky and the United National Front (UNF) will be the largest party in the next parliament, however they may fall short of an outright majority.


In an unusual situation, the current parliamentary elections will also coincide with the local and municipal elections, and the elections to the Legislative Council of Vancouver." 

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[b][u]VNN News: Polling stations now open, no incidents so far[/b][/u]
[i]“Less than five minutes ago, polling stations across the Serene Republic of Vaule opened as voters queued to cast their ballots in the Parliamentary elections. In this election cycle voters will also elect their municipal and local government officials. Voting will also take place for the Regional Parliaments of the Baikal, Central, Yuktobania, Sakhalin and Novaya Zemlya Autonomous Communities. 
Officials from the Vaulian Electoral Council (VEC) are preparing for higher than usual voter turnout in some areas due to the simultaneous holding of the municipal and parliamentary elections. In order to prevent unnecessary voting delays, the VEC has placed additional voting machines in several polling stations likely to see large voter turnout and has prepared additional voting locations for each region and province, should turnout at any individual polling station require it. The VEC is also seeking to remind voters that they must be in possession of both a biometric National ID card and a Voter Registration card in order to vote.
In the Vancouver Territory, voters are also heading to the polls to elect half of the members of the Vancouver Legislative Council (VLC). Police officers have stepped up security at polling locations in Vancouver after intelligence was received that groups would endeavor to stage unauthorized protests calling for the right to vote to be extended to all citizens in the Vancouver Territory regardless of their backgrounds or criminal actions.”[/i]-Reporter
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[b][u]VNN News: Exit polls predict hung parliament, Liberals ahead in Vancouver[/b][/u]
[i] “The final votes in the Parliamentary and municipal elections have been cast and all polling stations are now closed. The Vaulian Electoral Council (VEC) has now begun the process of counting the votes nationwide. In an official statement released by the VEC, the council estimates an overall voter turnout of approximately 71.2%. The council has also urged the public to be patient as initial results will not be available for at least two hours after the polls have closed.
While we wait for the official results, all three major exit polls point to the possibility of a hung parliament for the next four years. Two of the three polls predict that the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) will be ahead, but will likely not have enough seats to form a government on it’s own. The third exit poll predicts that the United National Front (UNF) will have the most seats in the new parliament. One thing that all three polls agree on however, is that the support for the Party of Social Justice (PSJ) and the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) appears to have largely collapsed leaving the Parliament likely to be dominated by only two parties for the first time in more than 60 years.
If the results match the exit polls, there will also be serious discussions within the ranks of both the SUP and the VRV. In the case of the SUP, the increase in vote share would help silence some of the criticism of Vladimir Boskovic’s tenure as leader but the failure to attain a clear victory would further shake confidence in Mr. Boskovic’s leadership. On the government side, the Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard party will have to grapple with how the party’s support plunged from more than two-thirds of the outgoing parliament, to less than 50% overall. The party will also have to grapple with the economic legacy of Prime Minister Pavel Rokossovsky and his ability to lead the coalition effectively.
In the Vancouver Territory, where polls closed more than four hours ago, counting is well underway and the initial results have been released. According to the results, there was a massive turnout of 82.5% of eligible voters in the territory. With 24% of the vote counted so far, the Liberal Party of Vancouver (LPV) has surged ahead with an impressive lead of 66.67% ahead of the other two parties who have only mustered just under 17% of the vote so far. If the lead holds, the Liberals may very well gain a majority in the next Vancouver Legislative Council.”[/i]-Reporter
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[b][u]VNN News: Final election results are in[/b][/u]
-Election Results (VRV- Yellow, SUP- Blue, PSJ- Red)
[i]“The final results of the parliamentary elections were announced by the Vaulian Electoral Council (VEC) at a press conference this morning. The VEC has confirmed the reported turnout of 71.2% as accurate.
According to the VEC, with 99.8% of the votes counted, the Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) party of Prime Minister Rokossovsky has won 43% of the vote and will have 288 seats in the new Parliament. The Opposition Slavic Unity Party (SUP) also won 43% of the vote but will have only 279 seats in Parliament. The Party for Social Justice managed to surpass initial predictions to win 14% of the vote and to hold onto all 84 of it’s seats in the previous Parliament. The Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) and the New Nationalist Front (NNF) (which campaigns alongside the VRV in the United National Front) will not have any MPs in the next Parliament.
The results indicate a significant swing in favor of the opposition Slavic Unity Party. The governing VRV lost 91 seats in Parliament resulting in the party’s worst result since it’s formation. The Opposition Slavic Unity Party (SUP) has managed to gain 195 seats in a major reversal of it’s declining fortunes. The New Nationalist Party (NNP) has lost all 20 seats it held in the last Parliament. As no political party has an outright majority, coalition talks are expected to begin shortly.
For the municipal and mayoral elections, the VEC announced a turnout of 67% overall. Voters were tasked with electing 10 Regional Governors, 400 Mayors and 4000 City Councilors from either the Conservative or Liberal Factions. According to the VEC, the Liberal Faction has taken control of several municipalities and has managed to elect 2286 City Councilors. The Liberals also managed to unseat several Conservative Mayors to elect 252 Mayors in all. In the Regional Governor races, despite strong challenges and extremely close results in 8 of the 10 races, the Conservatives have managed to retain 5 Regional Governorships.
-Vancouver Results (LPV-Blue, SPV- Red, VFP-Orange)
In the Vancouver Territory, the VEC reported a turnout of 82.5% of eligible voters. With 100% of the votes counted, the Liberal Party of Vancouver (LPV) has maintained it’s lead to win 57.14% of the vote and 28 seats in the Legislative Council. The Socialist Party of Vancouver (SPV) has managed to win 28.57% of the vote and 15 seats, while the Vaule Fenix Party (VFP) has managed to win 14.29% and 7 seats in the Vancouver Legislative Council. In keeping with the Charter of the Vancouver Territory, the Imperator appointed the other 50 members of the Vancouver Legislative Council. While the Imperator opted to retain several of the appointees from the previous council, a number of new appointments were made. Despite the Liberal Party victory at the polls, the party will only hold 38 seats in the 100 member Council. The Socialists will hold 29 seats and the Vaule Fenix Party will hold 33 seats.”[/i]-Reporter
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