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Negotiating with God


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From: Northlands Foreign Affairs Office

To: Vatican Foreign Affairs Office


The Northlands would be honored to host a delegation from the Vatican for discussions between our nations in our capital city of Noordenwind. Our nation has great respect for your history and unique standing in the world, and combined with the large Catholic population in our lands, we believe a meeting between our nations would prove fruitful. With your confirmation, we will being preparations for your arrival and visit.




Alexandre Lemaitre

Minister for the Office of Foreign Affairs


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From Vatican Secretary of State

To Northlands Foreign Affairs Office


Mister Minister,


I would be happy to come to the Northlands and represent the Holy Father who is very busy here in Vatican City. I look forward to our encounter. 


Cardinal Michael da Vinci

Secretary of State of The Vatican



The Cardinal would head to the Northlands in a modest plane and with a small diplomatic team to meet with government officials. He would arrive two days after their short discussion.

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The Cardinal and his delegation would be met at the airport and led to the building that housed the Office of Foreign Affairs in the middle of Noordenwind. There they would meet Minister Alexandre Lemaitre who would greet them exuberantly.


"Cardinal da Vinci, it is a true pleasure to have you visit the Northlands. Please take a seat, how is the Vatican is doing these days?"

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"Thank you Minister Lemaitre. Vatican City is beautiful this time of year! The gardens, the people; everything and everyone are blooming before our eyes! I see that it is very nice here in the Northlands as well. I am very honored to be here. What would you like to discuss today, Mister Minister?" 

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