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May 25/2014


Almost immediately after the first Bantu election the nation has been slammed with a major scandal indicating that there was large scale voting fraud by the Democratic Party. This fraud may have changed the vote by as much as 30%, meaning they may not have actually been elected at all. President Tendai Afolayan has denied the allegations but pressure is mounting around the nation to hold new elections, this has resulted in numerous rallies occurring around the nation.

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May 27/2014


Rallies across the nation have continued to grow since word of large scale election fraud spread, the protesters now number in the hundreds of thousands as the president refuses to surrender control of the nation. Instead, President Tendai Afolayan has declared martial law, banning all gatherings of more than 5 people and a strict curfew of 9pm..


Two groups have begun to show levels of organization around their religious roots as tensions continue to rise. One of the groups has built itself around its Islamic roots while the other is primarily composed of Christian supporters.

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May 28/2014


The Capital of the Bantu Republi, Maputo, was the scene of the largest rally to date, an estimated 300,000 people marched on the Eduardo Mondlane University where the Bantu republic had temporarily placed its government while new parliament buildings were being built. In response President Tendai Afolayan mobilized local military forces to surround the university and to disperse the rally. As the crowds refused to be dispersed and continued to advance a single gunshot was fired by someone, resulting in the military opening fire of the crowds, causing a panic which dispersed the crowds. In the aftermath of the massacre 157 civilians were killed by gunfire along with 465 injuries, the ensuing panic resulted in a further 813 fatalities and 1,548 injuries.

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