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Angry Diplomatic Visit to Stormlands


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*An angry voice is heard in the reception room at the Stormland embassy.  The receptionist tries to get the person in the waiting room to have a seat, but the person refuses and goes to the Ambassador's Office door himself.


The person knocks loudly on the door, and when it is opened, the person is seen to be the Euphaian ambassador, who is red in the face.*


Ambassador:  This is an outrage, Rhys'gar!  Not only did your government breach our national security and sovereignty!  Not only did YOUR government not inform the Euphaian government! Not ONLY did your government show total disregard for any civilians who might have been in that area!  YOUR goverment did so without permission, WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION, and WITHOUT even attempting to inform or coordinate with OUR OWN military!  Not to mention that, regardless that the rebels have currently hijacked it from us, that radio station is STILL Euphaian government property!  Government property that we were still attempting to recover, and actually had a shot at doing so with the ceasefire in place.


What the hell were you thinking? Not informing us first, or coordinating with our military to at least try and attempt to fight the rebels away from the radio station, and leave the station INTACT!?


Did that possibility ever cross your government's mind?  Or does it show this kind of disrespect and disregard towards international laws, and sovereign nations and it's borders?


Money does not grow on trees, Rhysgar.


Once our government is back in possession of whatever is left of the radio station, my government expects YOUR government to pay to have all damages to that radio tower repaired.


Expect to be receiving a bill when that time arrives.


*The Euphaian ambassador storms out of Rhys'gar's office.*

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*All non-diplomatic Stormlands foreign nationals have been asked to leave Euphaia temporarily for the next 21 days, by the Euphaian government, in protest to the unauthorized strike and the breach of Euphaia's national sovereignty.  After the 21 days have passed, Stormland foreign nationals will once again be allowed back in Euphaia's borders freely, should they so please.


Stormlands diplomats are still welcome to stay in Euphaia during this time as our welcome guests.*

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Instead, Rhaemon Rhys'gar was not at the embassy in Euphaia, as he was not the ambassador to Euphaia. He was the Fist of the Protector, and seeing cranky foreign officials was usually not his job.


The Stormland ambassador that was there in Euphaia when the Euphaian official came to his office, would simply sit behind his desk and not say anything to the official as he let loose his tirade upon him. There would be no reply to the Euphaian official's tirade, the Stormlands' ambassador simply letting the man get all his frustrations out. He would smile strangely when the official said there would be a bill coming to Stormsend. Before he could offer any real response, the Euphaian official was gone almost as quickly as he had come.


When the door closed after the Euphaian ambassador was gone, the Stormlands ambassador looked at one of his aides, and responded with a chuckle, "Well, that was interesting..."




The Administration of the Exterior would issue an immediate evacuation alert for all Stormlands citizens to leave Euphaia whenever they could, and citing diplomatic concerns, would withdraw the Stormlands diplomatic staff from Euphaia's capital. The evacuation would also include the complete wipes of data memory from computers and electronics, as well as destruction of all documents before evacuation. Security personnel would lock down the embassy during this operation, with operators from the 330th Lancers and Task Force Cyclone on high alert in the Amazonas Region, ready for deployment should the evacuation go awry.

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The Euphaian government, while having every right to be outraged at this blatant disregard of it's sovereignty, and having every right to expect reparations, assures the Stormlands that we have no intention whatsoever to harass any of it's foreign nationals.  We simply ask that they leave our borders for the duration of 21 days.  At the end of which, they are all free to return if it is their wish to do so.

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