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Rearrangement: Scavenging No Man's Land


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Anya Montero grew up without knowing sunlight. An entire childhood literally defined by the confines of a miserable bunker. It really started in Bunker Fourteen, location classified, after what’s considered the end of the Second Procinctia-Republic of War Conflict. All because Dolphins got uppity that everything went so far to hell. It was cold and dark, electricity was sporadic, supplies were limited, and the recycled air was barely livable – it didn’t matter so long as she managed to survive. It was too easy to forget the warmth of the sun, the taste of fresh air, or dreams without darkness. Anya completely forgot anything even slightly related to skies and sunlight. Despite that horrible torment and even Procinctia being so far behind her lingering claustrophobia remained. With battlefronts on all sides Lake Temagami was briefly a prison. Even a fragile moment of peace didn’t loosen this enclosure. Anya wasn’t going refused accepting yet another prison, no matter how pleasant, ever again. She no longer considered safety a good reason to hide. Besides. . . a ceasefire could prove both profitable and delightful adventurous. . .

. . . in the mind of someone who didn’t bother thinking everything through. . .
Anya became a scavenger.
Somewhat of a no man’s land between two idling armies.
Plenty of abandoned or wrecked equipment laying unattended between unestablished non borders.
Not particularly far away to Lake Temagami.
A potential fortune waiting for anyone foolish enough to brave It.
Looting various derelict husks of Québec equipment closer to Coalition’s territory.
Looting various derelict husks of Coalition’s equipment closer to Québec territory.
No reason to intentionally offend sensibility of closest de facto powers.
Plenty of places remaining in dispute.
Plenty of places remaining contested.
Wherever the borders remained weakest Anya struck.
A scavenger who spent nearly all of her efforts avoiding patrols.
A scavenger who spent her days picking through war torn landscapes.
A scavenger whose activities would not remain unnoticed forever.

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