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Auroran Empire Fact Book


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Capital: Archindar
Largest City: Archindar' (10,763,453)
Official Languages: Auroran (Native Language of the Region), Castilian, Portugese,  English
Major Ethnic Group: Auroran
Minor Ethnic Groups: Spanish, Black, Roma, Amerindian, Mestizo
Government Type: Five House Single Rotational Rule
Auroran Emperor: Anundil (of House Heraan)
Mundokiir of the Moash House: Turo'Mar
Mundokiir of the Heraan House: Anundi
Mundokiir of the Tekel House: Raczak
Mundokiir of the Dani House : Nyiaarh,
Mundokiir of the Vella House: Archekro
Legislature: Mundokiir Consulate
Independence: May 20th, 20XX
Population: 47,425,437
Area: 1,141,748 km²
Density: 40.74/km²
GDP Estimate: $553.462  billion
Currency: Harvest
Drives on the: Right
1. Government & Treaties
The Auroran Government is composed of Five houses. House Heraan (whose crest is centered above the rest) is traditionally composed of the religious warrior caste and the most populated house of them all. Twelve blades represent the twelve founders of the Heraan House with a single (greater) blade in the center alluding to divine establishment. The Mundokiir (meaning "father" or "leader/general") of House Heraan is also the established Emperor who leads all houses and people in governance over Aurora (literally meaning "of the Aurorans").
The house emblem to the left of the second row belongs to House Dani and the third most populated house. This House has traditionally belonged to artisans, scholars, and lawmakers, and therefore serves primarily for passing laws and maintaining a universal basis for their divine literature and holy relics. Because the Aurorans do not know a life other than that established through their code of honor, and divine texts, most scholars and lawmakers devote their time to understanding the world outside of Aurora, the laws that govern other nations, and the cohesion for allowing Auroran Honor Codes validity is a world that may not see eye to eye with those traditions.
The house emblem second from the left belongs to House Moash. House Moash is portrayed with inverted wings as its house symbol, and therefore represents both naval and aerial transport both within the Auroran empire and surrounding neighboring continents. It is the second most populated house next to House Heraan. Therefore, they are responsible for both the naval and aerial aspects of the military, but also citizen and merchant transport both within and without the Auroran Empire.
House Tekel is the house emblem adjacent to the House Moash. This house serves to hold any and all engineers. Their works range from civil and infrastructure maintenance, to the developing of new weapons and armors utilized by all houses. It is the second to last least populated house, however, those number bespeak an inverse relationship between the quantity of engineers and the quality of both their individual persons and the genius behind their work.
House Vella is the smallest, and most diverse house of all five houses. House Vella belongs to those citizens of the Auroran Empire who were not born of Auroran ancestry, but rather have a mixed ethnicity. House Vella (meaning "[house] of the other children") was a caste developed after the "purge" when Aurorans sought to eradicate those they thought unworthy of the Auroran name. Because Aurorans value honor, and merit through combat, the now Vellans who fought for their survival during the purge were granted their own house and all rights afforded to Auroran purebreds. They are the only house whose members are not allowed to move between house names, but whose work is still allowed to overlap those of other houses. They also consist of most (if not all) of the foreign diplomats, their mixed ethnicity, Aurorans (superstitiously) believe, allowing them to better communicate and understand the foreigners that share their "strange" blood.
The houses were chosen to rule by "seasonal" rotation. When an emperor would perish in battle or of old age, the house next in line would hold a festival where warriors would perform a "rite of combat" for house ascension. The victor would be named emperor, and their rule would  commence. The only exception to this rule would be if the house to ascend were challenged by the Mundokiir of the house to succeed them. If the challenging Mundokiir won, then their house ascends uncontested, and the rotation is reversed to display that "the way of the divine had been reversed".
The Emperor, though having absolute reign over all five houses, is bound by the Auroran code of honor and behooved to reach unanimity with his brothers (the Mundokiir Consulate). In the event unanimity can not be achieved, a majority ruling by the emperor and consulate must be attained. No house, not even the house belonging to the emperor, is ever considered above that of any other house. Most disputes are either judicated through trials of combat, or through arbitration of House Dani judicators. The ultimate sentence is, however left up to the Emperor and the Mundokiir consulate.
To date, the Aurorans hold no treaties with the outside world. They hope in their isolation they will be rid of foreign influence once and for all, and live as their gods and ancestors intended them to.
2. Auroran Army

645x Wheeled Armoured Vehicles

180x           [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EE-9_Cascavel]EE-9 Cascavel[/url]

Unknown x M8 Greyhound

49x             Plasan Sand Cat

539x Infantry Transport Vehicles

400x Humvee

39x   M-1117

300x M-113

180x EE-11 Urutu

4x     RG-31 Nyala

16x   ISBI

106x Transport Vehicles

63x M35 2-1/2 ton cargo truck

38x M3 Half-track

5x   AIL Abir

20x Kaiser Jeep M715

Weapons and Armor


Beretta 92

​Assault Rifles

IMI Tavor

Submachine guns

Heckler & Koch MP5

Machine Guns

M60 machine gun

Grenade Launchers

M79 grenade launcher


M30 mortar

M116 howitzer

M101 howitzer


Spike (missile)


Anti-Air & Anti Artillery

Mistral (missile)

Sistemas Oerlikon

M-55 AAA



3. Auroran Airforce
77x Combat Aircraft
9x   OV-10A
6x   Douglas DC-3
30 x Transport Aircraft
1x   IAI Arava
3x   CASA CN-235
34x Helicopters
11x UAV's
4. Auroran Navy
63x Naval Vessels:
11x Submarines
2x type SX-506
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