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Brazil Welcomed to Mexico


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TO: Brazilian Foreign Ministry
FROM: Mexican Foreign Ministry

The Commonwealth of Mexico invites the Empire of Brazil to send a delegation to our country so as to discuss bilateral relations, discuss American security, and further economic/military cooperation.

- Foreign Minister Roberto Mendoza

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To: Mexican Foreign Ministry

From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Empire of Brazil


His Imperial Highness Emperor Salvatore Gomez will honor your invitation to your country. He will send Prince Jorge as his official representative to hold hese very important discussions.


- Foreign Minister Javier Torres

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Once the Imperial Prince arrived in the capital Monterrey, he would be greeted with a full honor guard and local delegation. King Federico would personally greet the Prince saying, "Your royal highness, welcome to Mexico! I do hope that our two countries may work together in various areas of interest."


They would enter a motorcade which would then take them to the Royal Palace in Monterrey. Once they arrived, the King would lead Prince Jorge into a prepared conference room to immediately begin discussions.


"If you don't mind your highness I would like to get right down to business. In an ever changing world we must act quickly in order to keep up. The first topic I would like to discuss is economic cooperation. Would it be possible to have a free-trade agreement? And preferably be attached to an overall security treaty?"

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Prince Jorge would reply to the King, "The Empire of Brazil is open to a free-trade agreement with the Mexican Commonwealth. As of this moment Brazil is only willing to go as far as an Optional Defense Pact, however there is a possibility that it could be upgraded later on. In terms of military cooperation we would like to see a provision of joint military exercises and the possibility of establishing an air and naval base on the west coast of Mexico. In exchange we are willing to provide highly sophisticated fighter aircraft technology and support to your air force."

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King Federico would be slightly taken back by the Brazilian proposition but would reply, "We thank the Brazilian Empire for its quite generous offer. Currently Mexico only needs technological support for F-22 and F-35 aircraft. These will fulfill our current military requirements. In terms of a foreign naval base on our western shores, I will have to discuss with my Council before any definite answer, but I personally see no problem with it."

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"Very well. I propose the following treaty,"



Optional Defense and Military Cooperation Pact between the Empire of Brazil and Commonwealth of Mexico

The parties; recognizing the mutual friendship and trust placed in each other, resolving to aid each other in the fulfilment of goals, and believing that is in the interests of both parties to enhance cooperation, have agreed as follows:


Article 1

Both Brazil and Mexico pledge a state of constant and continuous non-aggression between each other. Neither nation will conduct espionage, invade, blockade, embargo, share false intelligence, withhold important intelligence or otherwise harm the other.


Article 2

In the event either party comes under attach, the other signatory has the right to optionally join in defense of that nation.


Article 3

No barrier shall exist, excluding the specific outlined laws of one signatory, that impede free and equal trade between Brazil and Mexico. Should a situation arise in which goods are not allowed inside a signatory's borders for whatever reason, it is that signatory's duty to inform the other so that the flow of these illicit goods can stop.


Article 4

The Mexican Armed Forces will receive military assistance from Brazil in the form of technological support for legally permitted weapons systems.


Article 5

The Empire of Brazil is permitted to establish up to (1) naval base and (1) air force base within the Commonwealth of Mexico. These bases are to be considered Brazilian soil at all times.


Article 6

If for any reason the signatories feel this agreement is not in their best interests, there must be a warning notice of 1 year prior to cancellation. After this warning period, the treaty is then null and void.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by the collective peoples, have signed the present convention,


For Empire of Brazil:


For Commonwealth of Mexico:


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"Very well, the Empire is willing to compromise on that."


After removing Article 6 stating, "In the event that the Commonwealth of Mexico falls into anarchy or its government is dissolved, the Empire of Brazil holds the exclusive right to claim the lands of Mexico as a protectorate in order to administer civil order and ensure democracy continues to carry on," the revised edition would be placed before both delegates to sign.

For Empire of Brazil:

His Imperial Highness, Prince Jorge

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