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After refusing to work, participarpting in rally and sleeping for 12 hours, I am here on behalf of Die Linke to wish all the denizens of Bob the day we leftists savour the most - International Workers' Day. It has been over a century since the historic workers' strike in Chicago that flagged off this legacy of celebrating the right to protest and reliving the struggles down the ages of the revolutionary proletariat against ruling-class atrocities.

Also, May 1 happens to be the day when Libertarian Socialist Federation was founded by Comrade Haraldur in the year 2006. It has been Eight eventful years from that milestone! We in the elesef have seen many ups and downs, have had made a few great friends and sadly had to part ways with some. We would to thank to our allies in Die linke, MCXA, NATO, Shangri-la, our really close friends in Atlas, NSO, our ex ally and the 'other left'- The International for making our eight years a fun drive. We would also like to recognize the contribution of our historic rival- NoR in making our journey most amusing.

But obviously May Day is not just 'our day'. We invite all comrades to join us in this celebration.
Workers' of the world Unite!!!!

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