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Euphaian Diplomatic Visit to Prussia


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*On the first day, a Euphaian ambassador arrives viarivate government jet at the Prussian airport. He greets the Prussian government representative that meets him there.*

What a wonderful country Prussia is. I thou roughly enjoyed the scenic view of Prussia I was able to see from the window in the jet.

Alas, I wish all of my visit could be small talk and pleasantries, but I was sent here by the Euphaian government for several other reasons.

Firstly, the government of Euphaia offers your country an embassy in our capital, or any other suitable city in Euphaia you may wish. It is our governments wish to extend our hand in friendship to your splendid and honorable nation, and to begin formal diplomatic relations between our countries.

Secondly, the Euphaian government has asked me to formally petition your government for an Euphaian embassy in Prussia, for which I personally would be the ambassador that would attend to it.

Lastly, I have been asked to give you this official communique straight from our President. The Euphaian government has been very greatly strained to its very limits by the FARC-People's Revolution insurrection currently taking place, and is becoming increasingly vulnerable to being overthrown by these radical communists, if we do not receive some aid soon.

Make no mistake, I assure you these rebels are terrorists, are very radical, are very capable, and are very dangerous. They have already taken one of our towns by force and will no doubt stop there.

*The Euphaian ambassador hands the Prussian representative the communique (The official one posted in the Euphaia thread)

(OOC - a visit from theeople's Revolution coming tommorow)

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*A man representing 'the oppressed people of Euphaia' arrives at the Prussian Embassy, and shakes the Prussian ambassador's hand warmly.*


Ambassador, I have been sent to express the friendship and solidarity of the people of Euphaia with the people of Prussia.  As with the people of Prussia, the people of Euphaia, too, believe in freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, freedom to assemble and to congregrate, freedom to protest.  Also, like the Prussia people, Euphaia citizen believe in the right to not go hungry, the right to not live in fear, the right to land, and the right to live in a home.  These very freedoms and rights are being denied to the majority of Euphaia citizens even as we speak.  


However, we have finally started to rise up and fight against this oppression.  Bloodshed was not our choice, but was forced upon us by our very government, by it's continued oppression and denial of such basic rights and freedoms.  Something must be done, and is being done, to right that which has been wronged.  


We cannot hope to do it alone, however.  We do not have the means or supplies or training that the Euphaian military possesses.  We will need more supplies, and aid, if we are to have hope of freedom.  Can your government gives us this hope, friend?

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Nothing beats playing both sides. You either win big - or lose large. For a country not even remotely close to Prussia, the decision was made to gamble.


Prussian government officials would meet with the official government of Euphaia and offer them an embassy in Königsberg and Cologne. An offer for humanitarian, non-lethal aid would be given to the official government not to exceed 1.5 million Prussian Marks. 


Through a number of shell companies originating in Virtus International controlled Martinique but going through over a 100 different locations and business an offer would be extended to the rebel faction of Ephaia. Small arms, medicine, and food stuffs would be offered to the rebels, not exceeding 1.5 million Prussian Marks. 

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