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Hey guys,


I was trying to add some new stuff to the Alliance Directory. Basically I want to include some different options for rulers to search alliances by.


I'm adding a "rankings" section in the post immediately following the OP. I've already added a few different ranking lists but want to get some feedback from other rules and see what you think about adding the rankings section as well as get some suggestions for other ranking lists we could add to the post.


So thoughts/suggestions?


Note: One suggestion I have already received and haven't added yet but am working on now is "Top 10 Neutral Alliances". I'm going to keep a running of things posted in this thread in the OP to stop any issues of getting the same suggestions over and over.



Current Ranking Lists 


Top 10 Alliances by Score

Top 10 Alliances by Total Strength

Top 10 Alliances by Total Tech


Suggestion List


Top 10 Neutral Alliances
"Wildcard" Category

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