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To Asia and back

Kevin Kingswell

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The New Gabon government wanting to expand its sphere of influence and connections had devised a plan for contacting the largest powers on the face of the planet. With contact already made with Athens and relations proceeding at a positive rate, it was decided to start opening relations with another super power and so that was why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened communications with the nation of Tianxia. They would send a general communication labeled for the Tianxian government as other than the Emperor they didn't know who was to be addressed and did not wish to personally address the Emperor in case it was seen as an insult.


The following message would be electronically sent to the Tianxian government from the Gabon Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



To: The Tianxian Government


From: The Gabon Ministry of Foreign Affairs


RE: Diplomatic Contact


The Gabon Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to have the opportunity to open diplomatic talks with the nation of Tianxia in the hopes of establishing and improving diplomatic relations between our two nations. If this is deemed desirable we will gladly be open to sending an ambassador from Gabon to Tianxia or receiving an ambassador from Tianxia if you so choose to do so.


We look forward to hearing back from you.




Abulli Maga, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

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The New Gabon government had observed the Tianxian nation and their actions and were certain that they respected strength of actions and words over hidden meanings and pretty talk. Therefore they turned to Colonel (retired) Robert Uila once a Colonel in the old Gabon military he became a diplomat once he had achieved as high right as he could attain and decide to go into politics for his next battlefield. Treating politics like a new battlefield the Colonel had quickly done well for himself and was well known for fighting what he believed as well as being known for crushing anyone who thought him a push over for being ex military.


It was hoped that sending an old warrior such as the Colonel would be more appreciated by Tianxia and help progress in developing foreign ties with the nation. Travelling out to Tianxia though a booked seat on of the Gabon's few national air lines he spent the journey time refreshing his knowledge on Tianxia. Whilst in flight the New Gabon government contacted their Tianxian counter parts to let them know of the ambassadors visit whilst also sending a request for where the ambassador should go. Included was the personnel file for Colonel Robert Uila so that the Tianxians would know who to look for,  

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