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Rule Britainnia


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1.  This is optionally recognized, just like all those other nations.

2.  The United Kingdom is an open nation, anyone 

3.  The United Kingdom is an open political system, anyone is free to make political parties within the United Kingdom, Irish insurgencies may even be allowed first PM though, however, nobody may claim 100 percent support of population

4.  The United Kingdom is a free and sovereign country, not part of any other nation. 






[i]Lord Protector Francis Urquhart, giving his speech via radio address to the entire nation.[/i]


"Ladies and Gentlemen of this Great United Parliament, I am, proud to be here today to stand beside all of you in announcing the formation of a new free and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.  I am thankful to having worked so closely with the nations of Tianxia and Athens, and will pledge continued partnership between them, as well as I hope our Cousins across the Sea in North America and in the Germanic Lands.  I come to you today, with a solemn pledge.


Britain today as it did in ages past, stands poised on the verge of a Great Destiny.  It looks out at the world and sees great nations with whom to trade, build friendships with, and in times call partners.  This island has a rich history, we hope to share it with the rest of the world.


In the coming years we shall be looking for a monarch to sit on this thrones, stand up a parliament of free and fair elected officials, and become a positive contributor to global security.  We are already with the assistance of Tianxia and Athens assembling our armed forces to defend these isles and the near abroad.  Our nation is seeking to rebuild our economy, as well as the Great City of London.  Long Live the British Empire!"



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[quote]Rearmament Program:


Tianxia has announced that it will honor the defense contracts from Ireland, to be transferred over to the British State.  Additionally Britain will be purchasing one of Tianxia's used aircraft carriers, and the Super Hornets and Growlers will be used to train up a naval aviation core force. 


The Royal Navy will also be purchasing Japanese surplus arms including 2 Rishiri Class Helicopter Carriers, to train up aboard 2 amphibious strike regiments.  


It will be purchasing 16 of Japan's Destroyers opting for the full size Yubari and Shiokaze Class.  These units will work in concert with Tianxia's services on anti-submarine and missile defense missions.


The Air Force will be purchasing all 120 F-3 air superiority fighters.  These units will train with a red team force of Tianxia's to train up a core pilot force to protect the nation from air attack.


Additionally the Imperial Rangers will be charged with training up the Special Air Services to world class standards in counter terrorism and a rapid action force to defeat raids.


2 Mechanized Armored Regiments are currently being stood up as well with Challenger II Tanks.  This group will be drilling against the Tianxia military to form a core of a mobile army.  The entire unit will move then to train the rest of the army.

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In line with the dedication to supply the new state the Hellenic Navy would prepare the hand-over of ships owned by the French state before the declaration of war several decades ago. Additionally an arrangement would be offered which would allow the United Kingdom to important resources at a cheaper rate from the Federation and Exarchate.

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Great Britain has announced the purchase of 2 Nuclear Powered Vanguard Class Submarines leased bandwidth and data collection on Tianxia's Global Prompt Strike targeting system, 8 Astute Class Attack Submarines are also being built along with the acquisition of 10 Dolphin II Class Diesel electric submarines. 


Great Britain will also be purchasing 4 Zeon Class Amphibious Ships and 4 Joint High Speed Combat Vessels.  


In air armament, it has announced its intention to purchase 240 F-23-E Black Widows for additional territorial defense.  The Navy has expressed interest in the purchase of 120 F-35-C Fighters.  The Government is also investing in 18 F/B-22 Bombers.


The British also have announced he standing up of a mountain infantry division for scotland, and an airborne division with equipment and transit designed to penetrated advanced A2AD areas.  


The British Doctrines would emphasize small numbers of advanced well trained forces that could proactively defend the Islands with rapid thrusts to take staging areas, and do area denial around the seas.  


Additionally the Government has expressed interest with the possibility of weapon sharing of 10-20 warheads from either Tianxia and Athenian Military in preserving an additional deterrent capability within the region, with the expectations of such weapons being housed on Tianxian Bases, currently in the Island.


The Government of Tianxia has been reluctant to comment on the proposal, merely saying it is examining the offer.  However, it did agree to extend its strategic defense initiative over the Isles, and maintain a joint IADS-Missile Defense capability around the Isles as well as the deployment of sonar stations and dedicated satellite reconaissance and tracking.  These capabilities the Empire of Tianxia has said provides assurance Britain cannot be taken by surprise, which should deter future aggression.


Lord Protector Urquhart was quoted as saying, "While under the NPT, Britain has the ability to develop our own weapon, we will not.  We appreciate assistance we've gotten so far.  But what is really needed is a solid foundation of strength.  I support the United Nations, the Athenian Federation, and the Empire of Tianxia, however, our goal in Britain is to make ourselves a net contributor to security.  The existence of a weapon sharing agreement, would give anyone pause, as our ability to rapidly destroy any adversary's staging grounds would be assured."  


Some political analysts believe this emphasis on the weapon sharing agreement is a plot by the British Government to get foreign funding for its arms build up, particular its rumored desire to purchase a fleet of 3 more carriers and several squadrons of B-11 bombers, both of which would have cumulative significant strike capabilities equal to a small arsenal of mid yield nuclear weapons.

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