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Announcement From the Free State


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The following broadcast would be made publicly available to interested parties:

THE Free State of GreenStone is proud to announce the confirmation of the interim Government by popular vote. The government, in the interest of minimizing the potential for bureaucratic tyranny, has asked that on March Tenth, the confirmed member communities of the South Island gather in conference at their separate town halls and propose ways in which the freedom of the individual and the community may be safeguarded, and what, if any, powers should be accorded to the members of the interim Government.

Robert Lansing, Speaker for the Mt Cotton Collective, has asked for the thoughts and prayers of people of all faiths and ideals as the government strives to safeguard the liberty of all.

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**Christchurch Statists Rally Against Liberty Movement**




BREAKING: A collection of former government officials, wealthy citizens, and other statist partisans have gathered for a rally in Christchurch today on the waterfront, calling the Free State of Greenstone a 'sham and an anarchist rebellion against the Tianxian Empire. According to a speech recorded by a citizen with affections for Greenstone, the mayor of Christchurch has issued a 'call for a return to normality' and the immediate dissolution of the rebellious faction of the mountain regions referring to itself as the Free State.' More on this as information trickles in; this report was brought to you by Reporters Without Borders and the Information Expression Society, a volunteer public news service.

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