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2014 Horensian Protests


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In 2014, after the current Conservative government issued a series of drastic cuts to Horesia that divided its strength by 3, citizens took to the streets to protests the cuts, which are seen as pandering to the country's trading partners, who have demanded more resources while Horensia was wracked with financial instability.


The cuts include the dismantling of the Universal Health Care and Free College Tuition system, the destruction of the Kaiserliche Marine and most of the Luftwaffe, the dismantling of all but 10 cruise missile outposts, and the destruction of expensive infrastructure. When these cuts were announced, spectators watching the Reichstag proceedings shouted, "Traitors!"


The protests outside turned violent after it was announced that healthcare would be handled by private companies with the cuts. The protesters all clashed with police that were trying to hold them back from the Reichstag building.



Imperial National Police (Kaisernationalpolizei) in full anti-riot gear attempt to hold back rioters after they set fire to a car near the Reichstag.



Arrasfield City Police officers walk towards protesters marching near the city hall. This protest, organised by several communist groups, was dispersed after police fired live ammunition, killing 2 and injuring over 30.


Currently, it is estimated that at least 27 protesters have died along with 8 police officers, alongside over 1,000 injured in just a few days of riots.

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