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First Elections in Iceland - Althing Election


Althing Election  

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The following beliefs are defined by the parties. The King of Iceland supports no specific party and shares qualities from most, if not all of them. Other than simply getting their agenda pushed through, the party could hopefully have one of their members elected "Lawspeaker" (presiding officer) of the assembly and has a large influence over the agenda and the general order of how things are ran and what is considered acceptable. 

Independence Party
Area of Interest Increasing the political and economic independence of Iceland from other countries.
Military Reasonable increase in the size of the military along with working with allies and other countries to train the armed forces. Also supports territorial expansion.
Economy Increasing the strength of the economy via production of goods and creating more jobs.
Welfare Does not believe in massive welfare programs, but does support more specialized programs for specific groups like the hungry, disabled or single-parent.

​Monarchist Party
Areas of Interest Keep the Church of Iceland playing a major part in government and keeping a moralist society.
​Military A greater focus on defensive capabilities and no large increase in offensive capabilities.
Economy Decreasing international commerce and stricter visa policies; a more self-sustaining economy.
Welfare Creating stable welfare programs to provide for the poor and needy.

Viking Faction
Area of Interest Vastly increasing the strength of the military.
Military Increasing the size, strength, and budget for the entire military.
Economy Adding more military jobs.
Welfare Supports the creation of small/basic welfare programs like food grants and social security but nothing more.

Pirate Faction
Area of Interest Increasing citizens' individual rights.
Military A greater focus on defensive capabilities and the Royal Navy.
Economy Increasing international commerce.
Welfare Increasing equal opportunity over entitlements. Believes assistance should only be available to those most in need such as orphans, the elderly or the crippled but is Not needed for the normal able-bodied poor.


OOC: I suppose elections should run 24 hours. The more votes the merrier! Unlike Eva, who disenfranchised me from voting in her thread, I do not mind who votes so long as they have a CNRP nation. If you want to know more about the beliefs of a party or the stance on a certain issue, then ask here in this thread and I'll answer!  Edited by PresidentDavid
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Results of The First Althing Elections



Total Seats


Lawspeaker - Pirate



Monarchist Party



Pirate Party



Viking Party



Independence Party




The Lawspeaker, which is the presiding officer of the Althing, is a member of the Pirate Party named Freyr Eriksson. The Lawspeaker is set up to be the most powerful elected official in the government and has the authority to set the agenda to favor his own party; to a certain extent. While the Pirate Party is not the largest, Freyr Eriksson was elected because he received support from his own party, plus support from the Vikings which brought him to 47 votes. The Independence Party's leadership did a poor job at informing its assemblymen who to vote for Lawspeaker and so their votes were split between the Monarchist and Pirate nominees. Because the Pirate nominee, Freyr eriksson, already had 47 votes and only needed 4 more for a simple majority, he easily won the election for Lawspeaker with an additional 8 votes from the Independence Party which brought his total votes to 55 votes.



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