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Today, the Marskurskiy Transport Komissiya Aviatsii (Marscurian Aviation Transportation Commission), a subdivision of Rosaviatsiya (the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency) officially opened the three international airports in the Marscurian Autonomous Republic.  These airports replace multiple smaller airports placed around the region, and lower the number of employees needed to control air traffic and perform customs searches.  The three airports will be located in Marscury, Priamurskiy, and Amurzet.  Obluchye was a major contender for an airport due to its high economic importance for the region, but enough flat land could not be located within reasonable distance from the city.  Each airport has the capacity to handle airplanes as large as the Airbus A380, as well as full cargo terminals.  Airports that are set to be closed will be transferred to the Russian government for transition to airbases.  




The Marscury International Airport is the largest of the three new airports.  It is located 10 kilometers northwest of the city center, as opposed to the old airport, which is approximately 40 kilometers south of the city in the village of Zhetly Yar.  It will primarily serve the cities of Marscury, Obluchye, and Mietonka, along with the towns and villages along the Bira River.






The Amurzet International Airport is located to the east of Amurzet, just north of the Point Darem Space Center.  It is built to primarily serve the cities of Amurzet and Pyotrgrad, along with the other cities and villages along the western Amur River.






The Tricities International Airport is located southwest of Priamurskiy.  It is meant to serve the tricities of Telmana, Priamurskiy, and Nikolaevsk, along with the city of Smidovich and the other villages along the eastern Amur RIver and Tunguska River.



Any airline from a country in good standing with the Russian government has the ability to apply for landing permits at these facilities.

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