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Lock Down

Kevin Kingswell

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General Ad'abi Musala of the Grand Republic Army stood above his operations table clad in his military dress uniform, his hands clasped tight behind his back and his eyes focused on the digital display of the Grand Republic as a nation before him. All around him were his staff, some were sat at their computer screens typing away to gather new and updated information or communicating with units out in the field. Other members of the general's staff were moving around from room to room on various tasks that needed their attention. The only other people in the room who were not actual members of his staff were the few commanders who had managed to be close enough to the general's command centre to arrive in time for the meeting, the others would be updated in the field. 


Releasing his hands from behind his back Musala swept his right over the entire table quickly bringing his commander's focus on to himself. "Commanders the country's borders have been closed and we have had little contact from anyone about this fact except for Legion. For now we shall maintain standard procedure and maintain radio silence whilst a diplomatic report is drawn up. In the mean time we shall now move on to containment procedures".


"Starting from 18:00 hours tonight a mandatory curfew will put put in effect across every urban centre in the nation. Then after such curfew has been established containment teams shall begin house to house searches for any infected citizens who will be removed and contained in specialised containment blocks that even now beginning to be built. The first such containment block is going to be out side of the capital city and it is here that we will start the search for any infected people".


"Now I am sure that I do not have to remind you of the effects of this disease running around the nation right now but I shall do so just so we are all sure of what we are facing. This disease spreads by multiple vectors including air, water and bodily fluids. Therefore all containment teams will be in sealed suits with a maximum of thirty minutes air supply. There will be established decontamination areas for when teams are returning from their search missions".


"As for the symptoms of this disease. At the early stage most infected persons will have wheezing coughs and light red sores appearing on their hands and feet. As the disease rapidly progresses these sores will continue to grow and eventually break releasing fluid and a host of spores into the air. In the infected's body itself their nerves will be covered in some sort of film which cuts off any feeling they have across the infected areas whilst still allowing the body to operate. In the final stages the film works its way up the nerves and spreads across the infected person's brain. At this point the person suffers a traumatic and violent personal breakdown and begins targeting any non infected people on sight, some how they are able to identify their own infected persons but we do not know how at this time".


"The total time it takes for an infected subject to go from the initial infection to the final incurable stage is only five hours. As you can all guess that means the situation could easily grow out of control. We must contain this outbreak gentlemen. You have your orders."


As the commanders saluted and left to carry out their orders General Ad'abi Musala walked across to the heavy glass window of the operation centre and looked out across the capital city of the Grand Republic. He saw multiple helicopters flying over head whilst the men on board them used megaphones to inform the city of the new curfew. At the same time military ground forces were moving out and doing the same. 


Looking down at his watch on his left wrist he watched as the last few seconds ticked by and the time turned to six pm. A soft beeping noise from his watch was the only sound that filtered through the suddenly silent command centre.


"It begins" the general said softly as he continued to watch out of the window.  

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