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The girl in the palace


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"I don't think my daughter should be associating with anyone outside of this palace, especially not even from this country or God forbid a man!" one of the queens lavishly dressed ministers giggled and then regained her serious attitude. "I didn't say she hat to meet a man, just perhaps giving her a taste of the outside world would do her some good?" The queen snapped back, "Are you telling your Queen how to raise her daughter?" The minister's confidence shrunk while she bowed and backed away. "No your majesty. I would never."

The minister, who had been summoned by the queen to talk about educating her daughter about the world, felt confused that the advice she was asked to give now angered her queen nonetheless she had done her civic duty for the day.

Queen Penthesilea grabbed a teacup from atop a nearby table and smashed it into the wall out of frustration. Her breathing stayed heavy until a female soldier entered the room. "Is everything okay your majesty?" She said, "I heard a crash". The soldier was dressed in a traditional uniform and was armed with a small pistol. Guards were armed however they the royal family felt secure because firearms were illegal to own in Matriland. Weapons like that were of no need for a peaceful people.

"Everything is fine, thank you for checking on us." The soldier politely bowed to the queen and then delivered a small message. "Also, your majesty, the senate has requested your presence. They need your advice." The queen rolled her eyes, "Aren't they in place to give me advice? Make it known I will be down in a minute."

"As you wish your majesty." Once the guard left the queen found her coat and draped it over her shoulders. As she turned around to leave the dining room she ran into her daughter who was quietly standing in the door frame. "Can I come with you mother? I promise I'll behave." Princess Sophia was already wearing her formal clothing and looked presentable enough for the Senate. "I'm sorry sweetie. Maybe next time." The queen came off blunt but had a lot on her mind. Extremists in the senate wanted to make it illegal for men to drive but Penthesilea thought that was a right they should be allowed to keep (especially since a majority of the citys unionized bus-drivers were men).

"Since we are more of a country now then ever, I think both of us will get to meet more people from different places." Penthesilea could tell her daughter was not satisfied so she handed her a book, "This is a book about Tianxia and the Greater Russian Empire. Both are next to us and both have very interesting histories even though they were founded and ran by men." Sophia still was disappointed so the queen compromised, If you read this entire book and keep brushing up on your Russia and French Ill let you meet whomever the foreigners send if they send anyone to visit."

Sophias eyes lit up with thanks and her mother felt better about herself. In the halls of the large palace shouts began to echo, Make way for the queen! Penthesilea grew tired of her job easily but enjoyed being reminded who she was. Something about being queen made her grin.

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Sophie was sitting on one of the many benches in the palaces main courtyard. Nature fascinated her. The palace was surrounded by a city she was never allowed to leave. Shed never seen a forest or the ocean. Every chance she had to see the natural creations of the world was an amazing experience to her.

Hey Sophie, Stephanie. What are you thinking about? Stephanie was taller than Sophie. Her hair was also lighter and her smile was just a tiny bit evil in the right light. I was wondering if I will ever get to leave this palace or this city. And if I will ever get to meet a man maybe. Stephanie slightly giggled maniacally and pushed the princess so that there was room for her to sit.

I get to meet boys and men. Do you know how to talk to one properly? Sophies eyes opened wide and she eagerly paid attention, No, tell me everything! Other girls spoke casually in the court yard as their parents did business in the palace. Stephanie and Sophie spent most of their time outside together and discussed how men didnt drank tea and feared women. The princess friend also told her how men liked to be reminded of things they need to get done.

That doesnt sound like anything Ive read in my books. Are you sure you know what youre talking about, Sophie said. Stephanie nodded in an assuring manner, Definitely! They arent strong like you think they might be.

Sophie wondered if what she thought about men was wrong all along. Were they really weaker than women? Were they over emotional? Did they shave their legs? She had no idea who or what to believe which only further drove her curiosity.

Later that afternoon, Sophie was in a large black room somewhere in the palace. She stood alone, in the dark until she gave a verbal command. Bring me to Moscow. A world suddenly began to generate around her. Bricks, mortar, metal, and glass flew around her and made buildings. People materialized before her eyes and walked around the streets as they carried on conversations with each other. The sun lit up the sky with only a few clouds to block rays of its rays of light.

Sophie watched closely as people walked past her and through her. Girls giggled and teased each other while women held conversations and showed off their furs to one another. The princess attention quickly shifted from the females to the males. A tall man who couldnt have been but a few years older than her got on a knee and opened a small black box. A woman in front of him put her hands over her mouth and started to cry until letting, Da escape her lips.

While the computer blocked her from accessing any other city or place around the world, she could view the past of anywhere in Matriland and occasionally Moscow if she was lucky. Most of what she saw in Russia was from decades back but how men freely and dominantly walked about fascinated her regardless of what time in history it was.

The world quickly dissolved away once an old woman opened the door to the room and called out to Sophia, Its time for your vocal lessons Princess! We have no time to lose! Sophia started singing Come, Emanuel to herself and left the virtual reality room.

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