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Rhodesia's Prime Minister resigns, State President calls for elections.

Ian Smith

Rhodesia Nyasaland General Elections  

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October 26, 2013
After only 19 days, Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd and his cabinet resigned from office due to the wave of protests and outrage after the approval of the anti-white apartheid law imposed by the Athenian Federation, forcing the State President to call for new elections.
The Afrikaner Nasionale Party and the Rhodesian African National Congress have formed a center-right coalition and will face John Wrathall's Rhodesian Front. Polling stations will close at 12:00PM on Monday, September 28.
"National Unity Coalition"
National Unity Coalition candidate Prime Minister Winnie Mandela
Former MP of the Federal Assembly elected in the ranks of the Rhodesian African National Congress. She briefly appeared in politics during a time of unrest in the Federal Republic of Transvaal and never reappeared since then. She leads the National Unity Coalition and firmly opposes any form of Apartheid. She supports a free market society based on merit and private initiative and swears to protect Rhodesia as far as humanly possible.
If elected "If i will be elected in office the first bill proposed by my government will be the abolition of the racist anti-immigration law imposed by the Athenian Federation, no matter what the consequences are." she said.
"It will never be enforced by my executive. We will promote illegal immigration or whatever it takes to counter this fascist law imposed by imperialist europeans on our democratic country. This country belongs to the Rhodesian people, irrespective of color. And if it takes a black woman to do this, well i will gladly  be that woman. Rhodesia belongs to its people, and we are the only ones who can decide for our future. The racist immigration law must be abolished immediatly or our children will pay the consequences in the future.

We must not, i say it again.. we must not! Submit to the arrogance and the fascist imperialism of Europe. We will seek international support to uphold our case in international courts."
. she added during the press conference.

Rhodesian Front candidate Prime Minister John Wrathall 
Former Prime Minister of Rhodesia Nyasaland (September 22, 2013 - October 7, 2013) he is an opposer of the Afrikaner Nasionale Party and strongly criticized the Verwoerd administration for altering the landscape of the Federal Assembly, forcing his government to resign on October 7th. He is a centrist moderate and supports a free market model while promoting a safety network for the poor and the disabled. When it comes to foreign policy he says "Rhodesia Nyasaland lacks the strenght and the authority for putting forward any request or any demand. Unfortunately we must submit to the policies of Europe and hope that one day the African continent will be free again."

The press may ask questions to the candidates
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Interview with National Unity Coalition candidate Prime Minister, Winnie Mandela
Miss Mandela, what is your opinion of the racial laws imposed by the Athenian Federation?
"The immigration law violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that says all human beings are equal irrespective of sex, color, political opinions, religion, etc. It is an unconstitutional law that must be repelled as soon as possible to preserve the honor and the freedom of the Rhodesian people. This immigration law discriminates people for their color and i simply cannot accept that. 
They consider us less capable than any other human beings and feel necessary to interfere with our sovereignty claiming that 'it is for our own good" but their true goal is to keep South Africa on its knees and prevent its people from achieving full national sovereignty. They don't want South Africans to be independent. They want to control us, dominate us, oppress us and force us to accept systems that might be acceptable in Europe.. but not here in Rhodesia Nyasaland."
Do you think the International Community will support your efforts?
"I don't know, i doubt it. The International Community has criticized Staatspresident Botha in the past for implementing racial engineering and segregation policies in the Federal Republic of Transvaal.. and today, the same people who hide behind the flag of anti-racism, are forcing us to adopt and enforce a racial segregation policy. This not only shows their massive hypocrisy, but their imperialist and totalitarian mindset aswell."
So what should we ordinary citizens do do?
"We, the people of Rhodesia, must stand up and reject this, we must repel the racial laws now before it's too late. We must repel the idea that people should be discriminated for their color. In no way such a law can exist in Rhodesia Nyasaland. If i win the elections, the first thing i will do is to address the Constitutional Court to determine the uncostitutionality of the immigration law."

And what then? How would Rhodesia react should the Athenians decide to use military force and dissolve the Republic?

"We can either accept the racial laws and become slaves, once again, of European empires.. or either show the world that the people of Rhodesia Nyasaland will never accept another apartheid. And if we have to go alone.. we'll go alone with pride. History will remember us for the fight against apartheid, the fight against discrimination, the fight for equality. The fight of women and men who refused to be enslaved by the chains of oppression and discrimination. God bless Rhodesia."
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Interview with Rhodesian Front candidate Prime Minister, John Wrathall
Mr Wrathall, in a recent statement you have expressed the will to preserve the anti-white immigration law in order to defend our sovereignty as an independent african nation. Do you still stand by your words?
"Yes. Unfortunately, sometimes countries must come to deal with their neighbors and challenging the most powerful country of the continent would not be perceived by our people as a sane decisions. Are we sure we want to risk a military intervention against our country? Are we sure we want to give up all our efforts and our achievements here in Rhodesia? 
I'm not ready to do that. I want Rhodesia to exist, even if it comes stomping on our own values, after all our independence is guaranteed by the Athenian Federation and we must submit to their indications, wether we like them or not."
Exit polls show that the National Unity Coalition is well ahead in percentage compared to the Rhodesian Front.
"Well, easy promises and patriotic speeches are easy to deliver. I am trying to address the Rhodesian people and make them understand that we must show responsibility in our choices. Like i said, the dissolution of the Republic is a risk i am not ready to take as Prime Minister."
Do you support the anti-white immigration bill?
"Well.. the unfortunate events that led the Federal Assembly to approve the bill are far beyond our reach and i believe the issue should be carefully studied and analyzed so we can come up to a logic and serene verdict. We must not rush to conclusions fueled by our feelings."
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