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Australia lawless


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Economic collapse due to rampant inflation and inadequate government policies have resulted in an explosion of lawlessness and anarchy in the major cities. Environmental and economic damage caused by the nuclear explosion in Canberra had crippled certain sectors of the Australian treasury and the loss of monetary funds had pushed the economy into recession.


Last night the Government collapsed and a public appeal to Tianxia asking for immediate intervention to solve the crisis was communicated to Beijing. It was hoped that the intervention would stop the rioting and general unrest.


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Military Dispatch from the Emperor of Tianxia:


Effective Immediately I've ordered combined Navy Marine Taskforce South Pacific to initiate an intervention into Australia to restore order, and assume military control of Australia of Australia and integration into the Empire of Tianxia's Sphere of Influence and membership as a Free Assiociate Member of the Empire.


Yuan Jia


With that order, three rapid reaction brigades were landed from New Zealand into Canberra and Sydney, following on he deployment of nearly 100, 000 soldiers for the Initial securing of the continent, to be eventually drawn down to 25, 000 as civil security forces and nuclear administrators were brought in.

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