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Greetings fellow citizens of Planet Bob. I am Ulthran, Emperor of The Roman Empire. We are a powerful alliance that is quickly growing but is still lacking for true strength. We have no super powers and because of this we cannot hope to compete with those alliances that do. Any bug nations looking for a home or seeking a new alliance to join, please join The Roman Empire. I will give almost any position in our government to any superpower that joins for we have very limited government at the moment. Also most of our nations will be willing to tech deal with any nation that buys, even for $6/200's, so please join The Roman Empire and help the weak grow strong that you might reap the benefits of it yourself in later days.


I am posting this mainly for large nations but smaller ones feel free to join too. We help all to grow to greatness and we will back all our nations in any war waged against them.

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