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The characters of Rhodesia Nyasaland

Ian Smith

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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pieter van Der Byl

State President Ian Smith predicted that sooner or later the members of the government would get themself into conflict over the prestigious offices they were assigned to. And this is the case of the speaker of the Federal Assembly (who also serve as Interim Governor General of Nyasaland) Hendrik van Verwoerd, and eccentric Pieter van der Byl.. the minister of foreign affairs in a country with no foreign diplomatic relations whatsoever. He might be the reason for that.

"Mr President.. van Der Byl is not fit for this position, he would eventually lead our country into an international disaster! He is an unpredictable hurricane!".

Van Verwoerd seemed stressed and tired, coughing from time to time due to the cloud of smoke floating around the State President's office.
"That's what your wife said last night van Verwoerd!".

An annoying and raspy voice in the background.
It is unclear how van Der Byl actually assumed the position. His issues with alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances of all sorts and women make him the worst candidate for the office of the ministry of foreign affairs.
"This is unacceptable! How is this alcoholist and ossessive smoker fit for the task!"
"That's what your sister said last night van Verwoerd! AhAhAh!".

Van Der Byl seems relaxed. A sip of whiskey, a smoke ring, a little compulsive cough. 
Two Afrikaaners arguing in the Rhodesian State President's office, where the minister of foreign affairs is throwing dirty jokes as elaborated as the mind of a 5 years old. A 5 years old horse. 'Let us deserve greatness' says the motto of Rhodesia Nyasaland. Smith realizes it will be a long, long way..

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Phillip van Heerden, Ministry of Interior and State Security
Little is known about van Heerden, except he is a nostalgic of apartheid, racial engineering and possibly anything that violates international humanitarian law. Thankfully, this man is under the supervision of the the deputy State President, Clifford Dupont, who happens to be a real british gentleman with a white-african rhodesian flavour.
Phillip Van Heerden usually spends most of his time in his office, staring at his potrait and doubtful war merits. Wars and battles nobody else recalls and remembers. 
van Heerden: "Well well.. look at this, the alcoholist and the british squire."
Van Der Byl, making use of all his savoir-faire replies by blowing a smoke ring right into Van Heerden's face
van Der Byl: "That's what your wife t-"
Van Heerden swings a full loaded punch into van Der Byl's kidneys. Dupont watches and shakes his head, walking over van Der Byl who retreats onto the ground, crying for help and for the dramatic circumstances that led him to drop his glass of rum.
Dupont: "van Der Byl. How many times do i have to remind you this kind of behavior will get you in trouble."
Dupont waits until van Der Byl has crawled out of van Heerden's office.
Dupont: "van Heerden, i count on you to enforce the rule of law in this country. But i'll remind you only once: times have changed.. mindsets, have changed. Do you job, don't cross the line. You know exactly what i am talking about."
van Heerden listens carefully to the words of his long-time friend. 
van Heerden: "Whatever you say.. Deputy State President.. whatever you say."
Dupont: "I mean it, Phillip. You don't want me to write any report to the State President. He is not as.. clement.. as i am, and you know why."

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State President of the Federal Republic of Rhodesia Nyasaland, Ian Douglas Smith
Ian Smith is the heart and mind of Rhodesia. Rhodesia is an idea. The idea of Rhodesia is a dream. Smith dreams of an efficient and democratic country where everyone has the same opportunities, irrespective of color and ideas. He has been criticized for his "mostly white" government cabinet and therefore accused of racism against the black population of Rhodesia Nyasaland. His ancestors were british settlers who moved in Northern Rhodesia from Transvaal in the late 19th Century. He considers himself a stern conservative and a well educated gentleman. He rarely appears in public and his announcements are broadcasted trought RADIO-RHODESIA NYASALAND. However, he represents the soul of the nation, the man behind the idea. He is Rhodesia and Rhodesia is him.
"I certainly don't consider myself a racist. I live so close to the problem of racialism that I think am conscious of the need to ensure that I'm not racist. And as a pragmatic person I can assure you that I am not a racist, it would be impossible for me to go on and live in this  country I believe, due to the part I am playing, if I was a racist. All that we say is let's have some standards of decency, of behavior. Whatever your color is: you will be able to participate."
"We have standards, you see? I think we must continue to strife for the best government in Rhodesia. And this is the system in Rhodesia: it is possible for anybody to come in and participate. We want the best Government, not necessarily a black government, not necessarily a white government. The voting is exactly the same for the black man as for the white man. Anyone can come into parliament provided he has the abilities, provided he can earn the position, irrespective of color."

The foreign press may question the State President at any time in this space.
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Speaker of the Federal Assembly and Interim Governor General of Nyasaland, Hendrik Verwoerd
The incorruptible bureaucrat. The stern administrator. According to the separation of powers, Verwoerd is the third most powerful man of the Federal Republic. But his dual-role makes him the second most influential character of Rhodesia Nyasaland, after State President Ian Smith. 
He assumed the dual-role on September 22, 2013, thanks to his long experience in politics and bureaucracy. Therefore, he has no voters to satisfy and this aspect gives him a fair autonomy and independence from political and idelogical barriers. While he considers himself a national conservative, he never clearly expressed support for any of the political parties of Rhodesia.

On October 6, 2013, Verwoerd announced the formation of a new political party from the ashes of the Rhodesia-Nyasaland Action Party and the Nyasaland United Front. The new political movement is known as Afrikaner Nasionale Party van Federale Republiek Rhodesië-Njassaland.
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