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New Alliance Formation - Samurai of the Sun


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Proclamation from the Emperor of the Samurai of the Sun

The Imperial Samurai Proclamation

Greetings Nations of the Cyberverse. On this the Tenth day of September in the year of our Admin, 2007, I as first Emperor of Samurai, do hereby proclaim the inception of the Samurai of the Sun Alliance of Nations.

The following shall be law for all who affiliate with the alliance and membership demands strict adherence to the laws and codes of the alliance as set by this Imperial decree.

Bushido, The code of the Samurai of the Sun.

By Imperial Decree, the Samurai of the Sun shall be led by a single Emperor. Members of the alliance are his vassals, charged with loyal service and obedience to the Emperor in the service of the alliance. The Emperor sets all alliance policy and ensures that the alliances code of honour and its seven virtues are strictly enforced and followed. Members when accepted to the alliance join as Daimyo, leaders of their nations. They will only be conferred as Samurai by proving their commitment to the Emperor and the alliance by actively practising and adopting "Bushido", the alliances code of honour. Only Samurai may be elected/appointed to the Governing body of the alliance.

The seven Virtues of Bushido...

* Rectitude (義, gi) - A samurai deals openly and honestly with others and cleaves to the ideals of justice. Moral decisions do not come in shades of gray, only right and wrong.

* Courage (勇, yū) - A samurai never fears to act, but lives life fully and wonderfully. Respect and caution replace fear.

* Benevolence (ä», jin) - A samurai takes every opportunity to aid others, and creates opportunities when they do not arise. As a powerful individual, a samurai has a responsibility to use that power to help others.

* Respect (礼, rei) - A samurai has no reason to be cruel, and no need to prove his strength. Courtesy distinguishes a samurai from an animal, and reveals one’s true strength.

* Veracity (誠, makoto or 信 shin) - A samurai’s conscience is the judge of his honor. The decisions he makes and how he carries them out are a reflection of his true nature.

* Honour, Glory (å誉, meiyo) - When a samurai has said that he shall perform an action, it is as good as done. He need not make promises; speaking and doing are as if the same.

* Loyalty (忠義, chūgi) - A samurai feels responsible for his actions and their consequences, and loyal to the people in his care. A samurai’s loyalty to his lord and emperor is unquestionable and unquestioning.

From the inception of the alliance the Emperor will appoint six "Shogun". These Shogun will be granted access to the Royal Throne Room and shall convene the council of the Shogunate. This Council will be presided over by the Emperor and his decree will be final in all matters. The Shogun are charged with applying the emperor's policies to the three houses (Dojo) of government. The Shogun shall select one from among them to become Seii tai Shogun who will become Emperor of the alliance should the Emperor have a prolonged absence or in the event of retirement. Shogun are appointed and will be monitored by performance and ability.

The three Dojo of Government are Home Affairs, Defence and Diplomacy. Two Shogun will be appointed to each Dojo. The Emperor will assign one as the Minister for that Dojo and the second will become the Assistant to the Minister within that ministry. The ranking however is only applicable to the ministries as each Shogun are equal in status and rank in the eyes of the Emperor and will be held accountable equally.

The Daimyo (General members) of the alliance shall be represented to the Emperor by an elected council. This Council will be responsible for writing alliance legislation and serving as the alliance's Judiciary. The Council of Daimyo will convene presided over by the Emperor. All legislation must be approved by the Emperor before moving to be ratified by poll of the general membership. In extreme cases the emperor reserves the right to impose imperial decrees which are immediately accepted as passed legislation with out member vote.

The Council of Daimyo are also charged with the Imperial Judiciary. All breaches of Bushido will be brought to them where they will decide the guilt of the member charged. If found guilty by the Council a member will be punished by the Emperor and the punishment will be rated to fit the crime. The ultimate punishment will be Seppuku. (banned from the alliance and forums and the members Nation will be Zi'ed.)

Henceforth http://z4.invisionfree.com/Samurai_of_the_...dex.php?act=idx shall become the Official Alliance headquarters where Diplomats will be welcomed and Applications for Diplomatic and Immigration Visas to the alliance will be dealt with. We welcome all alliances in the Cyberverse who wish to open diplomatic channels with the alliance and applications for membership are now being accepted.

Signed, His Imperial Majesty,

Emperor of the Samurai of the Sun,

VL Empire.


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Do you have a IRC CHANNEL? and what server will your alliance be on?

Server: frozen.coldfront.net - Port 6667

Channel: #Samurai

And, we also have ourselves a little recruitment video to entice your senses.

On behalf of the Samurai of the Sun, Dojo of Home Affairs...I'd like to welcome all visitors to SotS. We mean peace and respect to anyone who graces our alliance with his/her presence. Please pay us a visit and say hello.

fallinup - Shogun of Home Affairs

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On behalf of the Dojo of International affairs, the Shogun Hobgoblin70 and myself would also like to welcome visitors and new members to the Samurai of the Sun. Our code of honor is timeless and simple, and we pride ourselves upon building strength through diplomacy.

Stop on by! Better yet, join us!!

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I am interested in your alliance and would like to speak personally to your leaders. Could you please send someone over to my nation The Kyosei Empire? Also, if possible, please use the messaging system there to contact me.

I am really interested after reading your bushido codes. I would like to learn more. I won't promise to join you right away but it will help me greatly to make a decision in your favor.


PS: BTW, cool video of the Ronin to promote your alliance. I hope you don't mind me bumping this thread for you guys.

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