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Jake Liebenow

Improvement Bills Rate Ramp

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Howdy guys!  I'm in the process of making a calculator for bills, but I've run into a bit of a snag.  The following in the guide references this as to how much you pay and why with regard to improvements: 

You must pay bills on your nation improvements at a starting rate of $500 per day (this figure goes up the more improvements you own.)

It's pretty vague, and this is killing my progress.  I know that at 1 improvement, you pay $500 per.  At 38 improvements (my own), you pay $1500 per.  At 47, $2000.  At 89, $3000.  What's the rate at which these bills ramp up?  It's not done in a linear fashion, so I can only assume it's done in blocks, something like this: 15, $1000 - 30, $1500 - 45, $2000 - 60, $2500 - 75, $3000 - 90, $3500, and so on.  That's the only ramp rate I know that's consistent across the board.  


Is that ramp rate at every 15 improvements accurate?  If not, what is it?

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