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The Dead Zone

Kevin Kingswell

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OOC: Open RP to all who would like to take part, you can be a military explorer, scientist or scavenger or even use a character from cnrp you already have if you wish. I hope some of you will join me in writing this and for further help in knowing what the zone and setting is like pelase check out this web page: [url="http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page"]http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page[/url]


Again and again he had been warned to halt his project. The costs are too high, it is too dangerous and the result will just be another failure for his career. However, Sergai Kluckotov ignored them all, he had fled Slavorussia after his false certification had been uncovered and wandered the lands in between taking to his books on nuclear and other power sources that had become his fantasy and wish for fame. So he had continued to research and travel before finally arriving in the land of Bhutan where to his pleasant surprise he found they believed that his certificates were real and in order and he went from drifter to head scientist and engineer for Bhutan Power. There he had used the resources given to him to plan. design and finally construct the Kingdom of Bhutan's first nuclear power plant but he had made a few changes to its operating system and introduced a new compound he had concocted to the fuel rods, he hid the death of the man who administered well and no one was the wiser.

Still he had been so angry with everyone who had ever doubted him and he looked forward to today when he would finally start the power plant and show his doubters, his backers and even the whole world that he was the greatest scientist known to mankind. For now he stood instead the control room of the main building of the power plant his hand hovering over the activation button as technicians and engineers moved around him making last minute changes and modifications. His other hand kept tapping against his leg as his patience for waiting grew shorter and shorter before finally he rounded on the nearest technician and roared loudly at him.

[i]"Damn you worm what is taking so long I will not be delayed for much longer."[/i] The engineers and technicians were worried and fearful of the scientist due to the rumour of him causing the death of one of their number but they were well paid to ignore such outbursts and so they all did except the one man who was the target of his rage.[i] "I am sorry sir but the security team report that they are still not satisfied with the results of their last test"[/i] he reported back. [i]"I care not for them, they are too afraid for their own worth. The time for action is now" [/i]shouted Sergai slamming his hand down with a mad laugh on to the activation button even as the engineer cried out for him not to but it was too late and the whole team watched in horror as the reactor came to life before they and Sergai were atomised by a blinding sphere of green light that pulsed out from the reactor and phased through the building.

The sphere of blinding green light expanded out from the power plant to a radius of one hundred kilometers before coming to a complete standstill. The light was so bright in its radiance and size that it was view able from orbit by satellite and other spying means. The government of Bhutan was quick to react to the news and sent the armed forces to guard and cordon off the strange development that had arose and it wasn't long before a ring of men and steel was placed about the sphere. Whilst the army and other services guarded the site scientists from across the country attempted to decipher what exactly the sphere was and how it had formed and yet no matter what tests they ran they could find no answers only more questions. Any hope for further testing and research were suddenly dashed when the sphere retracted inwards in a split second fading from sight leaving quite a shocking sight behind.

Where once had been a lush and bountiful countryside was now a wasteland where everything seemed to be barren and dry and where once had stood towns, villages and a sprawling city there was only ruins and destruction. In many place the very roads and railways that had gone through the land were torn up and turned to rubble making travel across them only possible by foot and most distinct was the strange storms that seemed to be rolling across the land, blasts of red shaded lightening bursts down through crimson red clouds and a number of soldiers on the ground described it almost as if hell on earth had arisen in the place.

Wanting to explore this new landscape the military sent in a light helicopter to view the landscape from above however, the helicopter had only traveled a short distance when a blast of lightening shot from the nearest storm cloud striking the helicopter and sending it to crash down to the ground in flames. The soldiers nearest the crash site location raced forwards without orders to try and reach their comrades and see if they were alive and offer assistance but as they ran across a barren patch of ground a series of vibrations tore through the air around them and in a chorus of screams and cries the men fell dead, blood leaking from their bodies. Seeing this their fellow soldiers came to halt and withdrew and the military established a cordon once again around the whole area.

It was at this time that a number of men started to call the whole area the Dead Zone and soon that name became the official designation for the whole affected area after a number of other disturbing events occurred to teams sent into the area from different directions. Over time though the cordon became lax even when a number of incidents were brought up of mutated wildlife, such as dogs and other animals, attacking soldiers and scientists stationed at the border and eventually it was found that most of the zone was safe to travel except for certain areas of land where anomalies were found usually hazardous and fatal and of course their were the mutated wildlife and it seemed mutated former inhabitants of the zone.

Still the government and military wanted answers so they sent in teams of scientists and soldiers, some to never return whilst others became maddened or mutated themselves, to investigate the area and to attempt to reach the power plant at the center of the zone which so far had proved unsuccessful to reach despite multiple attempts. Vehicles of all kinds were destroyed or failed so all expeditions had to be by foot and it wasn't long before scavengers from multiple sources descended into the zone to take what they could from it to make a profit. The military for the most part shot them on sight but most would take bribes to let these scavengers through and everyone knew that the first person to reach the center would be rewarded well from the government so as many died trying more and more kept arriving.

And that is where our story truly begins.

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