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Brazilian Civil War

Isaac MatthewII

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The Royal Study, Adama estate, Brasilia[/center][/i]

The king was sitting in the study reading his favorite book, taking sips from his coffee every once and a while. It was a warm sunny day outside, he was getting ready to go outside to spend some time with his wife in the sun. Finally after reading one last chapter he got up and began to the door. Suddenly Adama began coughing up, he coughed into his hands and found there was blood coming out. In a panic he ran at the door to alert his guards. The guards were ordered not to bother him in his study, being the only time he wasn't bothered every second for an autograph, or for a picture, or to pass some random law on socialized health care. Which was laughable considering the sheer size of Brazil, the country would lose all of its money in the first few years. As he was panicking running to the other side of the study where the door was the blood was coming out in a pink haze all over the place. He collapsed half way to the door. Coughing up his last breaths he grabbed a piece of paper off of the desk next to him and a pen out of his robes, managing to scribble one last thing [i]Lee[/i]. about thirty minutes later his wife began to wonder where he was. Being the kings wife she was used to him being a tad late, due to his obligations, but he would usually send an aid to let her know . She sent her personal guard to find him in his study, or wherever he may be "Valdez, go look for my husband, hes late, last I heard he was in his study reading." "Yes mam" he bowed and ran off to the east wing where the study was. Valdez opened the door to the study, sweating and nervous as he was given explicit orders not to open the door when the king was there. Then he saw it, the king, the man who singlehandedly blew up dozens of weapons caches in southern Rio to harass the imperialist Umbrella advance into his homeland. His throat was scratchy and he just stood there. The door guard standing right next to him looked over noticing his lack of motion. The guards eyes glanced over into the office and he let out a yell "MEDIC MEDIC, THE CONDOR IS DOWN!!" into his radio. A team rushed into the study, as they knew where the king was at all times. They pushed over Valdez to get in and tend to the king. His world stopped, he collapsed to his knees in shock [i]who would try to kill our king? What has he ever done wrong? The man is a hero.[/i] he thought, the only thing he could think. The medics were tending to the king, but it was hopeless, he was bleeding out and seizing uncontrollably. At 10:51 AM the king was pronounced dead. The cause was obvious, he was poisoned by someone close. Everyone in the house was distraught. Lady Adama walked into the room wondering what could the ruckus be about. She saw her husband lying on the floor in his own blood. She ran for the dead king letting out a whimper and a cry. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Prince Lee Adama ran into the room, he heard on the radio what happened. He ran towards his mother, now holding the king, both of them covered in blood. He held her and gently picked her up off of the ground. She resisted, but in the end she didn't want to be in the room. They walked out both of them in tears, Lee was trying to hold him self back to be strong, after all, he was the man of the house, the last monarch. Kara Thrace walked in, with a stern angry face and saw the king on the floor. A single tear dropped down her left cheek as she fixed her posture. “What happened here, didn’t he have a guard detail?” she looked at the cup by his side and knew. The doctor began “It looks like it was poison madam, it looks like somebody purposefully killed the king. She radioed to lock down the building [i]Bill, what happened[/i] she thought to her self looking on the now covered body of the monarch. “We will find who did this, and there will be no mercy for them. “ She walked out and began the steps towards a press conference to announce what happened. As of now the country had no idea what had happened in the kingdom, or what was dawning. This would be a dark chapter for Brazil.

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