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Elections in the Serene Republic (VII)

Imperator Azenquor

Vaule Electoral Ballot  

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[b][u]VNN News: Vaule goes to the polls[/b][/u]

[i]“Despite a government measure to delay voting due to the conflict with the Northern Imperium, the Prime Minister today officially requested a dissolution of Parliament and a national election. In response to the Prime Minister’s request, the Vaulian Electoral Commission (VEC) submitted an electoral readiness report to the Office of the Imperator. According to the VEC, the report suggests that there would be ‘no logistical or practical situations that could prevent the holding of a national election’, but cautioned that ‘it remains a possibility that voting in the Yuktobania Autonomous Community (YAC) would be disrupted by the conflict’ due to the region’s proximity to the conflict zone.

Three hours after the Prime Minister’s request was received, the Imperator signed an official decree dissolving the national Parliament and all regional Parliament’s with the exception of the Yuktobania Autonomous Community (YAC). Despite the very short notice, the VEC has reported that it is 100% prepared for an election and that polling stations will be open tomorrow morning at 0700. The Guardians of the Peace of the Serene Republic (G.P.S.R.) will be out in force and will be implementing additional security precautions during the election.

In the national legislature, the election pits the Incumbent Slavic Unity Party government and its leader Prime Minister Georgi Ilyanov against the New Nationalist Front (NNF), the Party for Social Justice (PSJ), and the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF). In the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC), the Vaulian National Front (VNF) (supported by Regional Governor Artim Bakiyev) will face the Ingush Liberal Party (ILP) in a close race for control of the Regional Parliament.

Due to the lack of significant time for campaigning this election cycle, our VNN news team has contacted the leader of each political party and requested a one sentence statement of their party’s core positions going into this election.[/i]-R.Porter

G. Ilyanov (Slavic Unity Party) – “We will continue to advance the cause of Slavic unity, while continuing measures to stabilize the Vaulian economy and strengthening our national defense.”

B. Svatek (Party for Social Justice) – “We will increase the social safety net and reduce overall expenditures to tackle the nation’s economic woes, while expanding trade and economic ties with our traditional allies”

V. Prevalsek (New Nationalist Front) – “We will undertake much needed economic reforms and seek to reduce the influence of the state in industry while conducting a foreign policy based on our nationalist priorities.”

R. Kanic (Union of Patriotic Right Forces) – “We will address the nation’s unemployment problem by ensuring that those Buryatian citizens who (upon the dissolution of Vauleyo-Buryatia) illegally acquired Vaulian citizenship will lose their illegally obtained citizenship.”

M. al-Abdullah (Ingush Liberal Party) – “We will seek meaningful autonomy for East Ingushetia and shall push for concrete legislation allowing citizens of East Ingushetia to elect and remove our Regional Governor through a free, fair and democratic vote”

V. Antonov (Vaulian National Front) – “It’s us or the separatists, the choice is yours.”
[quote][size="5"][u][b]Political Parties of the Serene Republic:[/b][/u][/size]

[b]New Nationalist Front (NNF) (Orange)[/b]
Ideology: Center Right Nationalism, Economic Liberalism
Leader: Vladimir Prevalšek

[b]Party for Social Justice (PSJ) (Red)[/b]
Ideology: Center Left, Economic Liberalism, Meritocratic Socialism
Leader: Bryon Svatek

[b]Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) (Purple) [/b]
Ideology: Far Right Nationalism
Leader: Rinald Kanič

[b]Slavic Unity Party (SUP) (Red and Blue)[/b]
Ideology: Pan Slavism, Economic & Social Liberalism
Leader: Georgi Ilyanov[/quote]

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