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A journey

Kevin Kingswell

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Home. To many it means comfort, safety and shelter and for others it is a place of pain and suffering and yet for a few there is no place to call home instead they live on the move moving from place to place. Some people choose that way of life and others are forced into it. The later had become the case for Stewart when the Germans had kicked out the British government and in the process of the Umbrella assault he had lost his house, family and career. Left with no choice Stewart headed out on to the open road with nothing but the clothes on his body, the supplies in his rucksack and a simple handgun he had picked up when fleeing from his ruined home town of Newcastle. Walking southwards Stewart just kept moving from town to town buying food and water or stealing it when he needed to though at first he had hated himself for resorting to such methods but as time went on his heart and mind grew numb to such feelings.

Pushing the door to the service station open Stewart stepped inside the jingle of the bell above the door ringing as the door swung shut behind him. Taking his rucksack off his shoulders Stewart opened it and began to walk along the shelves picking up different food stuffs and stuffing them inside the bag before moving on wards. It wasn't long though before a service attendant stepped over angrily demanding that he explain just what the hell he was doing. As the attendant angrily stormed over Stewart looked around checking that they were alone and was quite glad that it was so early in the morning that the service station was so empty and as the man continued to roar and shout Stewart calmly reached inside the jacket he wore and gripped the butt of his gun and withdrew it from its holster.

The attendant came to a sudden and stuttering halt as his eyes settled on the weapon, raising his hands and starting to step back he said he was sorry and for Stewart to just take what he wanted. Unfortunately the man had seen Stewart face and before he could react Stewart raised his gun, pointed it straight at the man's head and double tapped him with two shots and after the attendant's body hit the floor Stewart quickly moved it around to the back offices to keep it out of sight. There in the offices he also disconnected the security camera system and removed the tape from the recorder putting in the ruck sack with the supplies and leaving the station and heading south down the road continuing with his journey.

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Stewart sighed heavily as the sky rumbled with the sound of thunder and looking up into the darkening clouds above he knew it probably wouldn't be long before the rains began and here he was out in the open with no shelter in sight but that was part of the problem of having no home to crawl back to at the end of the day. Still it could be worse he thought as at least he had supplies and his gun and ammunition for it which was a lot more than most drifters had. Putting his head down Stewart continued following the motorway keeping to the hard shoulder as he traveled so that if some one from the authorities did try to stop him eh could quickly escape into the countryside to lose them. In truth he doubted anyone would come after him as apart from the service attendant he had only been forced to kill one other person since leaving Newcastle and with the country's current state of affairs they would have other more important duties to see to.

Coming around a bend in the motorway he spotted a small parking space which travelers can pull into if they need to rest or catch some sleep and normally he would have just walked by but something about the group of cars gathered together drew his attention. Walking off the main road he made his way over to the cars drawing the attention of a couple of muscled brutes who made their way over to block his path. Putting out one meaty fist the first brute leered down at Stewart with his small beady eyes before speaking.

"Where you think you are going little man."

"Thought I would see what was happening over here. You got a problem with that?" Stewart replied.

"Uh yeah. I do. You know who we are punk, we are the black devil gang and we don't let any punks like you near" said the first brute with a sharp vicious laugh.

"Oh really. You recruiting?" said Stewart quickly catching the ganger off guard.

"Whu? Uh I don't know."

"Okay I will ask your boss then. Which way?" asked Stewart and like the dumb idiot he was the brute pointed towards a small group of people standing around a black coloured jeep and with a quick thanks Stewart set off in their direction leaving the two muscled guards standing still utterly confused at what had really happened.

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Stuart threw off the light cover sheet and dumped it on to the floor of the apartment before groggily getting up and making his way to the bathroom where after getting out of last night's underwear he showered and then shaved before dressing himself into a smart fashion of a shirt and jeans. Leaving the apartment he lived in he walked through the busy streets of London ignoring everyone else as he made his way down to the Thames river. Coming across it he walked another short distance to the warehouse that his new boss owned. He still couldn't quite believe how quickly he had gone from a nobody drifter to working for Don Capella one of the more sensible and smart mafia underworld bosses and today he had been promised something big, something life changing Don Capella had said to him last Thursday night and he was eager to see what he had meant.

Coming to the Don's warehouse he casually greeted the muscle watching outside for the cops or anyone else who was nosing around and made his way inside. The inside of the warehouse was full of the Don's men and those that were not processing the latest shipment of Heroine for sale were either resting and watching TV or were busy with some other task. Waving in greeting to a few of them Stuart went right past and headed upstairs to the Don's office before knocking gently on the door and going in when he was invited to.

Don Capella was dressed in his business suit like usual and the Italian man had a Cuban cigar in his mouth and a big fat roll of cash in his suit pocket and when he caught sight of Stuart he threw open his arms and smiled brightly. "Ah Stuart. Just the man I wanted to see I have got something big planned for you and me my boy so sit down and listen" and Stuart did just that keeping quiet to let the boss talk. Turning and getting up Capella walked across to the back wall of his office where Stuart noticed that a map of Brazil was hung up and with one palm Capella slapped the map and grinned.

"Brazil my lad that is where our next opportunity lies and I am trusting you to make it succeed. If you do well then the future is very bright for you and if you do not the consequences will be dire. So I suggest you don't fail me. Now go time is wasting" and with that last remark Stuart was dismissed and leaving the office he was met by Capella's major lieutenant Anya Stroud who stood dressed in a set of camo fatigues, black combat boots and beige tank top.

"The boss says I am to stay and protect you whilst we are away and I intend to do just that which means you better listen to my orders and do exactly as I say" she said eyeing him with a glare and Stuart managed a meek nod and smile which seemed to satisfy her. "Good" she said continuing "I have already booked us two seats on a flight to Brazil which leaves in the next eight hours so before that happens lets get you prepared for Brazil" and with her order given Anya turned and began walking away leaving Stuart to quickly hurry after her.

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Later in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Airport

Stepping out of the airliner's doorway Stuart turned and offered a hand to Anya which she took and together they made their way down the steps and on to the ground before heading into the airport terminal building itself and collecting their luggage. It was after collecting their bags that the pair of them made their way outside and as Stuart stared about clueless Anya carefully looked over the whole crowd before laying her eyes on a tanned woman resting up against a pillar. Smiling Anya took Stuart's arm and guided him over to the woman who up close was clearly a native Brazilian. Saying a few words in greeting this unknown woman gestured for Stuart to put his bags in the boot of her car before getting in himself.

Getting in to the front with the woman who introduced herself as Paula, Anya got out her cellphone and immediately started making calls and Paula was focused on driving them to the financial district of Rio de Janeiro leaving Stuart alone with his thoughts. As he watched the buildings and people go by he wondered just what his future had in store for him and he hoped he would still be alive by the end of it. Soon they arrived at the renovated skyscraper which was to become their headquarters and getting out Stuart and Anya gathered their luggage before heading inside with Paula, they passed two serious looking men who Paula assured them were hired guards and would stop anyone who wasn't authorized from entering the building.

Inside the trio took an elevator to the top floor and once it stopped they headed out on to the floor and deposited their bags in the front lounge and just as they did Anya got a call on her cell and she excused herself saying the first shipment had arrived. Heading back to the elevator and taking it down she left Stuart alone with Paula. Ignoring the local woman for now he headed out on to the balcony and looked down on the city of Rio de Janerio taking in the sight. It was as he was doing this he felt a lithe soft arm wrap around his waist and a woman's warm breath upon his neck, looking round he found himself gazing into the smiling face of Paula.

"Ah enjoying the sight Mr Smith or should I call you Stewart?" she asked teasingly and he couldn't help but grin back to her. "Stuart is fine. As for the sight yes it is quite amazing. So much life is in the city unlike my home" he replied. "Money and power as well Stuart and soon we will make it all ours" said Paula with a wink as she turned him around and placed her gentle lips against his. As the two embraced and kissed Stuart was still worried for the future but the present was looking good. Very good indeed.

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The next morning

As the first rays of sunlight filtered into the bedroom of Stuart he groaned and attempted to shield his eyes from the glare. Wanting to roll over to escape the light he found his left arm pinned down by something and turning he grinned as he laid his eyes upon the sleeping form of Paula and the memory of their activities from last night came flooding back. He was just remembering how far she had been able to bend when a woman's cough brought him back to the present and looking to the open door to the bedroom he saw Anya standing there with an annoyed look on her face. "If you are quite done could you get dressed and meet me in the lounge. We have work to do" and with her message given she stormed off.

Extracting his arm carefully so that he didn't wake Paula Stuart got out of bed and quickly dressed in a light shirt and jeans combination and went out into the lounge where Anya was sitting with a glass of juice and ice in one hand and the other on a map of the city. Taking a seat across from her Stuart and clasped his hands together as she began talking. "Okay listen carefully. Last night whilst you were so entertained I set up the basics of our operation. I had some equipment and hired men moved in downstairs but the real work is up to you. You need to take some of our cash and go out and set up some local informants. We need information and quickly so get going."

With his orders given Stuart took the mentioned bundle of Brazilian cash and made his way downstairs and out into the streets. Ina strange foreign city with no idea on how to speak their language. It wasn't looking good at least until Paula stepped out of the skyscraper's entrance with a smile on her face and wrapped her arm through Stuarts. With Paula accompanying him the task shouldn't be too hard and it was time to get the operation rolling.

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