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I need to buy 0.37 Tec to be able to start buying the next level of aircrafts... now I cannot have aid sent in that amount, and cannot buy that amount,so hw do I even it out and get decent aircrafts...

Also, at what level doesmy tec need to be at to support the best planes???

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I can answer your second question since I'm not sure what you're asking in the first :P.

If you want the VERY best planes the requirements for the F22-Raptor in the fighter class and the Tupolev Tu-160 in the bomber class. You have to have 1000 infrastructure and 500 technology to purchase them both. But to see all of this can go to the military section under Nation Transactions. Then click on aircraft. Then you'll have to columns one says Fighter Aircraft and Bomber Aircraft then you can click on the bubble next to the names of the aircraft.

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