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Having a quick look over the border

Zoot Zoot

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After the recent tensions with the Solar Kingdom, the militarisation of the border and several other factors which had driven the Government to this level of intervention. The mission for the two four man teams were to infiltrate the Kingdom, avoiding detection until it became absolutley necessary. On a routine nighttime supply run between the an airbase in Monte Caseros and the northern most border outpost with the Solar Kingdom, the C-130's ramp lowered at the rear and eight figures jumped out fifty miles from the base at the border. Using [url="http://http://wareye.com/sci-fi-type-equipment-esg-gryphon-personal-flying-wings"]Gryphon Flying Wings[/url], the soldiers would be almost invisible to RADAR and the darkness would negate the usage of human detection through eyesight although anyone who happened to be looking at the right point in the sky with extremely sensitive night vision goggles might just see a flicker, although it was unlikely.

The two teams would split formation and glide in towards their mission objectives, trying to land as close as possible without being detected. All eight members of the strikeforce were devoid of any form of identification, their dogtags left at base, all badges and ranks were removed. Before the mission began, they ensured all items that could incriminate the Corporation was removed. They were black soldiers, spooks.

Satellite recon had identified a Wearpons Research Laboratory not far over the border in the Kingdom and it was the forces mission to seize this facility and take any documents of interest. On exfiltration, they were to destroy a nearby RADAR station to create a corridor to allow helicopter exfiltration. This of course was if everything went to plan. Once they were isnide the labs, if any data was found, it would be uploaded to laptops carried by the spooks and sent via a satellite data link back to the Corporate Intelligience Service aswell as photo's and film footage of any data for later reference.


Both forces had landed safely in the forest around a miles from the facility. Strike Force A was north of the lab and began moving south slowly and carefully and Strike Force B was south, and they began moving north slowly and carefully. Thermal imaging from the UAV would identify any hostiles in the area through their complex battlesuits. The future warrior battlesuit was still in its experimental stage, but its headgear systems were perfected. The Sensors & Communications Vision was its subsystem name. Its current capabilities would provide networked FFW-equipped small units with robust team communications using JTRS Cluster 5 Soldier Radio Waveform, state-of-the-art distributed and fused sensors, organic tactical intelligence/collection assets, enhanced situational understanding, embedded training, on-the-move planning, and linkage to other Combat System assets. It also includes integrated tactical processing by providing maps, routes, and data with a 180° emissive visor display, high bandwidth wireless communications, microelectronic/optics combat sensor suite that provides 360° situational awareness, and integrated small arms protection. This headgear allowed the UAV's to transmit up to date maps for the troops on the ground which would alert them to any enemy soldiers through thermal detection.

It would take a matter of minutes to advance through the forest to the building if everything went well.

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