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[center][IMG]http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af349/Isaac-Johnson/Flag2-1-1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m586/JoelJames1/newgallifreyflag.png[/IMG][/center]

The two countries of The Solar Kingdom and The Democratic Republic of Gallifrey agree to sign a treaty with the following clauses.

•In order to maintain diplomatic contact, each signatory is allowed to keep an embassy in the territory of the other signatory.

•To strengthen trade each signatory is allowed to have a trade warehouse and a port in a coastal city of the other signatory.

•A military presence of 250 soldiers from each signatory will be allowed to be stationed in the other signatories territory.

•Each signatory is obliged to come to the defense of the other and may help in any aggressive ventures.

•This treaty may be voided by either signatory for any reason as long as a warning of 48 hours is given before leaving the treaty.[/b][/center]

[center]These terms were agreed upon by both sides and the following signatures are proof.

For The Solar Kingdom,

King Simon of The Solar Kingdom

For The Democratic Republic of Gallifrey,

John Smith, Lord President of Gallifrey [/center]

[16:26] <KingSimon> Good evening John Smith
[16:27] <{JohnSmith}> Good evening
[16:28] <{JohnSmith}> what brings you here today
[16:28] <KingSimon> I have come here to ask you about upgrading the treaty between our two nations
[16:28] <KingSimon> What say you?
[16:28] <{JohnSmith}> well sure weve always been good allies. May i ask to what?
[16:29] <KingSimon> Forgive me, but I do not undertand what you mean by "to what"
[16:29] <{JohnSmith}> well we currently have an ODP
[16:29] <{JohnSmith}> what do you wish to upgrade it to
[16:30] <KingSimon> I wish to upgrade the treaty between our two nations to a MDoAP
[16:32] <{JohnSmith}> oh of course
[16:32] <{JohnSmith}> OOC:did that because theres no way Smith would know
[16:33] <KingSimon> OOC:k
[16:33] <KingSimon> So will there be any change in the treaty besides the mutual defense?
[16:34] <{JohnSmith}> well the optional agression
[16:34] <{JohnSmith}> but besides that now
[16:34] <{JohnSmith}> no*
[16:34] <KingSimon> OK
[16:35] <KingSimon> I shall bring the news to my nation immediately
[16:36] <{JohnSmith}> ok
[16:36] <{JohnSmith}> and will you be the one announcing it then?
[16:37] <KingSimon> OOC: I will announce it in my news thread, but can you take care of the other part?
[16:37] <{JohnSmith}> OOC:sure im watching dr who
[16:37] <{JohnSmith}> ooc:but later
[16:38] <KingSimon> OOC: k. I will make an international announcement, but send me the logs so I can put it in the post later
[16:39] <{JohnSmith}> mk
[16:39] <{JohnSmith}> ooc:ask me to announce it
[16:39] <KingSimon> ooc:k
[16:40] <KingSimon> John Smith, will you be willing to make the announcement to the international community?
[16:40] <{JohnSmith}> of course I will
[16:40] <KingSimon> Thank you. I must depart

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