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Meeting the Neighbors


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With the conflict in the Gulf all but over, peace had for the most part once again settled throughout North America. In fact, with the recent formation of states in Virginia, Delaware, the Dakotas, and the Carolinas, it seemed like a new age of cooperation and prosperity was headed towards the Americas, something that might prove a nice change from the normal turmoil that seemed to rock the continent, Eyvindsson mused to himself as he finished his meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over the past few hours the officials had agreed upon a new aggressive course of action for Canadian diplomacy, to take advantage of the numerous neighbors and North American states with whom Canada had had little contact. Canada had an opportunity to open and begin relations which would increase trade and political good-will while cementing it status as a reliable and positive partner in the atmosphere.

Eyvindsson would begin with an unlikely soon-to-hopefully-be ally, the Kingdom of Prussia. Greenland, and by default Canada, had always maintained a high level of respect and admiration for its Scandinavian neighbors in the Arctic, with whom Greenland maintained a similar culture with and thought of as separated brethren of sorts. It was hoped good relations with all of Scandinavia could be achieved, however Prussia was deemed a perfect starting point for its sensible and moderate state and policies that were in place. Prussia had proved to be a reliable and friendly nation and Eyvindsson hoped to cement something between the two nations.


To: Kingdom of Prussia
Fr: Confederation of Arctic Nations and Dependent Areas
RE: Invitation for Diplomatic Meeting in New Ottawa


With Prussia's history as a stabilizing and reliable force on the world stage and our desire to develop friendly relations with neighboring nations, I cordially extend an invitation for a meeting between our nations to discuss relations and other areas of mutual interest such as defense and trade. I invite you to join me for talks in the Canadian capital of New Ottawa, and with your confirmation I will have arrangements and accommodations made for your arrival and stay. I look forward to working with you for the benefit of both our nations and the region, and am honored to have the opportunity to work alongside you.


Kristjan Eyvindsson
Sovereign-General of the Realm

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[quote]Classified Reply
To: Canada
From: Kingdom of Prussia
RE: Invitation for Diplomatic Meeting in New Ottawa

[i]Sehr geehrter, Herr Eyvindsson[/i],

I would be thrilled to attend a conference with you, especially as America would be a pleasant change of scenery after so long tied down in Prussia. I will hasten to New Ottawa as soon as I am able.

[i]Mit besten Grüßen,[/i]
Alaric I von Ösel
King of Prussia[/quote]

Alaric set his affairs in order, and took off from Riga in his Learjet just a few hours later.

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Eyvindsson was thrilled to receive such a quick response and immediately made all the arrangements needed for the king's arrival on the agreed upon day of the Canada-Prussia summit. When Alaric's plane landed at the small, newly constructed diplomatic airport on the edge of New Ottawa, a small honor guard and welcome entourage was already waiting. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, wearing traditional uniforms and attire, flanked the carpet on the ground as a military band played both nations' anthems in the background. Minister of Foreign Affairs Tyler Rollings greeted Prussia's leader, welcoming him to Canada and assuring him that Kristjan was eagerly waiting his arrival back in the Sovereign-General's government residence. The men were whisked away in limousines until they reached their destination, and were led into the room where Eyvindsson was waiting.

Kristjan stood up and walked over to the King, firmly shaking the man's hand and greeting him. "Welcome, your Highness, it's an honor to meet you." "Please call me Kristjan, it's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. Please, allow me to offer you something to drink." He said as the men walked into the room to sit down.

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Alaric instructed his two Raider guards to remain outside of the conference room when he at last arrived at Sovereign-General's residence.

"The pleasure is mine," Alaric replied, smiling warmly as he shook Kristjan's hand. "You can call me Alaric." He followed the Canadian sovereign over to the table and took a seat opposite of him. "I'll just have a water, thank you. I find that I have grown rather tired of alcohol in the last few years." The king leaned back in his chair and stretched. "So, Kristjan, was there anything specific you had in mind for this meeting?"

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"I wouldn't have dragged you all the way over here if I wasn't interested in the prospect of working out some sort of agreement between our nations, but truthfully I'm interested in getting to better know you, as well as your nation. With all the recent warmongering and insane politicking going on around the world, I can't help but respect how well you've led your nation, and how well Prussia has managed to thrive.

As leader of Greenland, and now Canada, I've always maintained an admiration for Europe, even as we seem to focus more and more on the Americas. Though I'm sure this has more to do with the instability that seems to be plaguing the Americas right now. Regardless, with the collapse of the Germanisk Forbund and withdrawal of Hethnamark, Canada is once again interested in making contact with Europe, and Prussia has proven itself to be a solid partner, in my eyes at least.

Although, I'm curious to hear your opinion on Canada, and the current world politic climate in general as of now."

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"I'll be honest with you, I myself am astounded by the consistent growth of the Prussian economy under my guidance," Alaric admitted, accepting a glass of water from an orderly. "I took it upon myself at the birth of Kurland to build a nation that is self-reliant and prosperous, and that has succeeded beyond my most optimistic hopes. My administration has almost completely eliminated the use of fossil fuels and transitioned to reliance on solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. In addition, the legalization of industrial and recreational use of cannabis has proven to be unexpectedly advantageous in many aspects. Industrial hemp covers our needs for paper and building material, so all logging operations have been halted and all large Prussian timber companies have gone out of business. Fortunately, the growing hemp industry managed to absorb most of the workforce released by the timber companies, so the economy hardly slowed at all during this time." He took a gulp from the water and cleared his throat before continuing. "I have often said that cannabis has been the fuel of our economic growth; the expansion of this market has greatly benefited small farmers and spurred the growth of our automobile, construction, entertainment, retail, and restaurant industries. But we cannot experience indefinite growth in a limited market, and the narrowminded prohibition of marijuana by many nations across the globe severely limits the number of potential markets for expansion. I'd actually like to address the possibility of opening hemp trade with Canada in the interest of spurring mutual economic growth."

"I have always held a great deal of respect for the extensive and enduring history of Canada and Greenland, and one can't help but note that while the former United States have fragmented in the past decade, the Confederation of Arctic Nations and later Canada have managed to maintain lasting stability in the northern US and the Arctic, and for that, I applaud you. As for the current global political climate...as I see it, the Tianxia Horde is the leading political force right now; they are not only the largest nation in the world right now, but also appear to be the most aggressive. Quite honestly, they unnerve me, as does the lack of political backlash from their recent consecutive conquests of Natal, Vasuda, and the GUR. Besides that, I have no pressing concerns, either in Europe or abroad."

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"It seems our interests and concerns are aligned. You'll be pleased to know that cannabis has been legalized in Canadian lands and territories. At least for Greenland, there are no current industrial applications for cannabis, though they're not prohibited by law. This prevents a nice opportunity for Prussian companies and I have no issue with letting them enter the Canadian markets.

I agree with your assessment of the political climate. In general there seems to be an uneasy peace, though whether that's from a general increase in amicable relations or the lingering threat of force from certain nations is less clear. Regardless, having one more friend in the world is always a good thing. Canada would be interested in signing a mutual defense treaty with Prussia, in addition to the economic agreement you appeared to have in mind."

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[quote][center][u][b][size="6"]New Ottawa Accords[/size][/b][/u][/center]

In the spirit of friendship and regional prosperity, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Confederation of Arctic Nations and Dependent Areas henceforth referred to as Prussia and Canada, respectively, enter into a pact of economic and military cooperation.

Article I. Friendship
The undersigned nations agree to maintain cordial relations in all situations. Neither state will engage in activity that will be in any way detrimental to the other’s security, whether that be diplomatically, covertly, or militarily. Prussia and Canada also agree to share any information that could impact the security of the opposite signatory.

Article II. Trade
Prussia and Canada agree to promote trade between one another, and will reduce or remove restrictions on that trade. The undersigned also agree to encourage the establishment of companies both private and public of their counterpart in their own markets, provided that those companies respect all regulations imposed by the native government.

Article III. Mutual Defense
The signatories of this treaty hereby agree to defend their counterpart in the event that an aggressive war is declared against one of the participants. This clause does not apply to wars being declared on a signatory as a result of their involvement in a pre-existing conflict; in this event, intervention becomes optional.

Article IV. Optional Aggression
In the event that one of the undersigned find it necessary to engage in an offensive war against a third party, the other signatory is encouraged, but not obligated, to provide military or financial assistance to their ally.

Article IV. Military Access
Prussia and Canada both agree to allow the air and naval forces of the other signatory free access to ports and air bases. Positioning ground forces in the other partner’s territory still requires prior consent by their respective governments.

Article VI. Cancellation
Should either signatory feel that this pact is no longer an accurate representation of their mutual relations, they may cancel it at any time. A signatory seeking to cancel the treaty must first deliver one week (RL time) notice to the other nation. This treaty will remain active throughout this cancellation period.

[u]Signed for the Kingdom of Prussia,[/u]
[i]Alaric von Ösel[/i]
[b]König von Preußen[/b]

[i]Konstantin Tolkien[/i]

[b]Ratified by the Prussian Reichstag[/b]

[u]Signed for the Confederation of Arctic Nations and Dependent Areas,[/u]
[b]Kristjan Eyvindsson[/b]
[i]Sovereign-General of the Realm[/i]

[b]Salvador d'Alberquerque[/b]
[i] Sovereign-General of the Realm[/i]

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