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Buying 3 Mil / 50 Tech - Looking Long Term


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Looking for 2 long term tech sellers!!

However, Due to being bilked by scamming d-bags yet again, the rules have changed.

1. You must not be in a war or be involved in a war for the duration of the aid cycle.
2. If you are a new or unproven seller, You must be willing to send the tech first. Then you get the cash. I am a reputable buyer who has led numerous tech circles in the past. I have NEVER failed to deliver on my responsibilities. But because of being bilked in the past, I'm done having to put up with thieves.

looking for 2 sellers. Willing to start 10 day cycle tech circles for buyers and sellers who may be interested. (Meaning tech and money are exchanged at the same time, no waiting.)

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