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Tax collection changes randomly


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So I accidentally dismissed too many troops and was in anarchy, after that expired I changed my government back hoping I'd get a higher "Avg. Individual Income Taxes Paid Per Day" which went from the 90's or so down to v about $76. Well it did not and when I bought 20 more miles of land it dropped down to $73.

Is this a bug?

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Give it a few days.

Even though you're out of anarchy, I think it takes a few days for the economy to restore itself.

Even though this isn't an exact match (self-anarchy versus anarchy while at war), it's applicable.

[quote]Does a nation cease to exist or get taken over when it is defeated?

No. If a nation is defeated in battle, it goes into riots, affecting its population happiness and economy. [b]The economy will start to recover in two days after more soldiers are bought to quell the riots.[/b] The nation's government type will also change to Anarchy. [/quote]

From the CN Wiki. Emphasis on the part in bold.

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Okay, so let me get the order of events correct.

Day 0: Put yourself in anarchy. (Around October 24, 2011)
Day 3: Changed government out of anarchy. (Around October 27, 2011)
Day 5: Current economy is still depressed. (Around October 29, 2011)

Is that correct?

If yes, likely it'll be fine after update tonight, I think.
If not, I'm out of ideas.

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[quote name='dunhill2071' timestamp='1320014345' post='2835247']
thank you it has put itself back to normal, any ideas what happened?
Yeah, it fits what I said earlier, assuming I got the timeline of events right.

The economy doesn't recover until AFTER 2 full days have passed. Ie, fix your government on the 27, the first full day is the 28, the second is the 29th, full recovery on the 30th.

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Actually all the section you are quoting is a description of what the effects of Anarchy are. I think you have the timeline wrong. The OP is from the 29th and from the tone of the message I would say that is the day he changed his government out of Anarchy not the 27th. Regardless of when you enter Anarchy, your economy will not recover until the update after you exit Anarchy to another another Government. So he exited Anarchy on the 29th hoping that would correct his economy since the anarchy message disappeared. It didn't because the recovery doesn't take affect until the next update which was on the 30th which is the day he indicates a return to his normal economy.

As to why the purchase of land caused a drop of another $3; I would say it is due to not all the effects from the self-anarchying showing on your display and the purchase caused an update (probably reflects the change in government to Anarchy which if it had been what you have now would have been the lost of 1 happiness point and 1/2 a environment star). So it wasn't the purchase of land itself, but the action that caused the update and additional drop in income. It could have been anything else that causes an update.

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