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OOC: Talked to Shadow about it, he agreed. This will be a closed thread between the two of us. Shadow would like to do some RP in this.



[i]The Pentagono building, outskirts of Nadrink[/i]

Supreme Executor Julius Thrawn remained silent as he surveyed the large flat screen in front of him. Noverian Defense Forces personnel were working at their posts.

"What is the plan, sir?"

Thrawn didn't reply at Executor Pallaeon's inquiry for several moments, his red eyes scanning over the screen, the machinery whirring silently inside his mind. He then raised a finger and pointed it at the screen.

"What do you see?"

Pallaeon raised an eyebrow as he looked at the screen. On it was a very detailed map of Southern California and Baja California, both of which were currently a part of the Holy American Empire.

"I see southern California and Baja. Why--"

"That's the plan."

Pallaeon blinked several times before realization dawned upon him at last.

"So you're going to--"

"Yes." Thrawn's concise reply cut off Pallaeon's reply and confirmed his unspoken question. Turning to his friend, Thrawn's red eyes seemed to bore through him as he spoke next,

"Undertake appropriate preparations for this operation. All precautionary measures are to be implemented, immediately. [b]Operation INITIATIVE[/b] is launched. Relay this to the Directorate of Defense."

Pallaeon nodded. "Yes sir."


The orders were passed down the Noverian High Command to three branches of the Noverian Defense Forces. The 20th through 22nd Divisions were dispatched from mainland Noveria to reinforce the vast Midwest Protectorate. At the same time, the 30th, 32nd, and 35th Divisions, along with two hundred Juggernaut II Main Battle tanks and one hundred Titan tanks, were sent into the Autonomous Regions of California, Nevada, and Arizona from mainland Noveria and the Midwest Protectorate. They were to be sent into Holy American California (comprising of Southern California and Baja California). The 51st, 52nd and 53rd Divisions were to serve as supporting units that could be called in just in case.

A total of 30,000 troops from the 30th, 32nd, and 35th Divisions would be deployed for Operation INITIATIVE, to be organized into the Noverian Peacekeeping Force (NPF). The 30th would enter southern California from Arizona, utilizing Routes 8, 10, and 40 as nodes of entry. They were to secure the cities of San Bernardino, Riverside, and El Cajon as a precursor to the securing of Los Angeles and San Diego. In turn, the 32nd and 35th were to enter from central California and southern Nevada, utilizing Fresno and Las Vegas as jumping points. From Fresno, the troops were to use Route 5 to travel to Bakersfield, and on to Los Angeles, Palmdale, and Riverside. From Las Vegas, the troops were to go through Route 15 and link up with the 30th in attaining their objectives to secure San Bernardino.

In case the 30th Division encountered resistance - which was not expected, but it was still better to be prepared - the 53rd Division would be called in for support. The same went for the 51st and 52nd Divisions for the 32nd and 35th Divisions. But for now, they would remain at their initial positions for now. The 51st Division was to be airdropped into San Diego and Los Angeles, as well as Tijuana and the rest of Baja California, with the interests of securing strategic locations.

To provide aerial support, the 25th Assault Squadron and 41st Assault Squadron, accompanied by AWACs and EWACs, were to escort the C-130 transports and to shadow the land troops. UAVs were to be employed for reconnissance purposes, to provide the troops with situational awareness. The 30th Assault Squadron was to be placed into supporting roles, to be called in at a moment's notice if necessary. A CSG was dispatched from Drogheda (San Francisco) toward Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana. Submarines, for particularly, would be positioned off the coasts of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana.

A total of 60,000 troops (counting the 30,000 troops from the 51st through 53rd Divisions) were to be involved. Operation INITIATIVE was set to begin.



Upon receiving orders from their commanders, the 30th, 32nd, and 35th Divisions went into action. They had orders not to fire unless fired upon, and to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of cities they encountered. The seeming implosion of the Holy American Empire, mired in civil war, had necessiated that the Corporate Republic undertake the necessary measures to ensure the security and stability of the HAE's Californian regions.

As according to plan, the 30th Division rumbled across the border, entering Holy American California from three points: Yuma (Route 8), Blythe (Route 10), and Needles (Route 40). Through Route 40, the troops were to secure the town of Barstow; through Route 10, they were to take over Palm Springs, with the objective being San Bernardino. Through Route 8, the 30th Division was to secure Mexicali and El Centro, with the objective being El Cajon and San Diego. At the same time, 35th Division would enter through the border town of Roach and head through Route 15, where it was to link up with the 30th Division at Barstow.

Further north, the 32nd Division would enter from three points: Delano and Lost Hills (Route 5), and Inyokern (Route 14 and 395). The troops would utilize Route 5 to get to the objective of Bakersfield, Route 395 to secure Johannesberg and Route 14 to secure Mojave. Once Bakersfield was occupied, the troops was to continue on to Santa Clarita; once Johannesberg and Mojave were occupied, the troops were to continue on to Hesperia and link up with the 30th and 32nd at San Bernardino. This was the plan.

Up in the air, fighters and interceptors of the 25th Assault Squadron and 41st Assault Squadron, along with AWACs and EWACs, lifted up into the air, where they would enter HAE airspace, with the intent of providing protective cover. As with the troops on the ground, the pilots received orders not to fire unless fired upon. C-130 transport aircrafts carrying paratroopers of the 51st Division flew ahead, under fighter protection, toward San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tijuana. The paratroopers had their orders as well: they were to secure the Californian Channel Islands (San Catalina, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, San Nicolas, and San Clemente). The same went for strategic locations near and inside San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tijuana.

Operation INITIATIVE was well-underway.

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Imagine, if you will, the stench of decomposing flesh; one of the worst smells the human nose is masochistic enough to pick up. For this macabre recipe, combine that smell with the far more sinister roasting meat, preferably human. Add in a touch of stockyard for good measure, and stir thoroughly, adding sporadic far-off screams and sobbing as needed. The reality of Imperial California during the Age of Dusk was far, far worse. Ever since the territory was seized from the Tahoans, it had been more or less one large military installation. Berths for hundreds of ships and state of the art ballistic defense systems allowed Baja the luxury of being able to strike and avoid retaliation.

Unfortunately, they did not sit out the War.

From the border cities to the north all the way to the Imperial military fortifications along the southern coast, the land was barren and rotting. In the final hours of a titanic conflict the world had never known, [i]would[/i] never know, weapons of mass destruction had been unleashed by both sides in a desperate bid to lose the least. Although uncommon, nuclear warfare has happened in wars prior to the Imperial Civil War. As city after city on both sides melted under the fury of the sun brought to earth, the high command on both sides' thoughts paralleled each other to a degree that was truly horrifying in its' callousness.

"Any price is worth paying to crush the rebellion."

"No matter what, we must eliminate the Loyalist regime."

"Their deaths serve a greater purpose."

"Your sacrifices will not be in vain."

Hollow trivialities spoken to the dead from the soon-to-be.

Soldiers entering the border cities would find bodies strewn across the streets. Puddles of blood and pus marked their passing from this life to the next. Cars, military and otherwise were crashed into buildings and light-posts. Their occupants were torn open by their own windshields shattering upon impact. Some of the cars were still aflame in a sick sort of funeral pyre for the deceased. It was clear that the vast majority of Imperial California was ravaged during the civil war by one side or the other.

But not by nuclear weaponry.

N-17 originated as a super-soldier serum researched and manufactured as a by-product of the Theron Project. It granted the user immense speed and strength, improved their reaction times, and even helped to suppress pain responses. However some unknown factor meant that only a tiny fraction of the population could take the concoction while remaining themselves. Overwhelmingly, these individuals were Astartes or in high up positions of the Imperial government; this coincidence spawned numerous thoroughly unscientific theories ranging from strength of character to the will of God.

Somebody had turned what was once a tool for the betterment of humanity into a terrible harbinger of its' demise. At the behest of first the corrupt men of the Imperial Senate that still held Foundation hostage, scientists and industrial workers from both sides worked around the clock to turn N-17 into an aerosol. Spies of the Rim contacted Wiggin with this news, and a desperate counter-program was set up to maintain the balance of mutually assured destruction. It was hoped that if the Senate did not care about the citizenry, then perhaps they cared about their own safety.

The Loyalists finished first. And on that day, the fate of the Empire became fixed to the track that led the Noverians to the gravestone of a continent.

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(OOC - I'm contesting this movement JED. You can't just waltz into Baja...especially considering Shadow asked in another thread to finish his "Downfall" before we began posting our movements. I decide to honor the request and now it seems his land is being gifted off...No no, I won't be having that.)

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