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An unlikely olive branch

Domingo the Honored

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[center][b]From the Desk of the Grand Chancellor of the State[/b][/center]

To the Leadership of Blue Heaven,

The most cordial greetings to all government officials of Blue Heaven who may read this correspondence. I am Sergei Aleksandrov, the leader of the Chancellery of Cyrantia. My nation is located in East Asia, and is in close proximity to the United Federation of the East. It has come to our attention that you are a vassal of the UFE. We already have a treaty with your fellow vassals in Marscurian Siberia, and we hope to expand our horizons. UFE vassals have proved to be reliable and amiable treaty partners to us, and we were hoping you may be interested in traveling to our capital city of Xavier to discuss diplomatic relations. I eagerly await your reply and hope we may find ourselves meeting soon.

-Sergei Aleksandrov
Grand Chancellor of the State

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[quote]13:11 Dorothy_Smith How are you Mr. Alesksandrov?
13:11 Sergei_Aleksandrov Very well, thank you. Even better now that a representative of Blue Heaven has found her way to our nation.
13:12 Dorothy_Smith Your government sent out a message wanting to improve relations with my nation. What do you have in mind?
13:13 Sergei_Aleksandrov Yes, I did that personally.
13:13 Sergei_Aleksandrov As you'll know from our correspondence, we are treaty partners with Marscurian Siberia.
13:13 Sergei_Aleksandrov As I understand it, you are a United Federation of the East Vassal state, much like them?
13:14 Dorothy_Smith Yes we are.
13:14 Sergei_Aleksandrov Well, we've found that UFE vassals are trustworthy and make admirable treaty partners.
13:15 Sergei_Aleksandrov We also look to expand our economy with new imports and more exports.
13:15 Sergei_Aleksandrov We've already expanded our trade in Asia and have access to most of its main products,
13:15 Sergei_Aleksandrov and as such are interested in trade connections with a new continent.
13:15 Dorothy_Smith That would be good for Blue Heaven as well. We have a large mining and oil sector and are trying to develop our technology at a fast pace.
13:16 Sergei_Aleksandrov Then if we are in agreement, I ask for some sort of trade agreement between our nations.
13:17 Dorothy_Smith Of course.
13:18 Dorothy_Smith We are trying to export more of our oil, diamonds, gold, and silver. Blue Heaven also has a growing financial sector as well due to the recent establishment of our stock market.
13:19 Sergei_Aleksandrov The Chancellery of Cyrantia is abundant in fuel and precious gems already, so we have little interest in flooding their market.
13:19 Sergei_Aleksandrov However we are also abundant in regional crops and fish, which we look to export.
13:20 Sergei_Aleksandrov Precious metals such as gold and silver are also an import interest.
13:20 Dorothy_Smith And as to our financial sector?
13:20 Sergei_Aleksandrov Cyrantian companies and investors are very interested in foreign assets.
13:21 Sergei_Aleksandrov Naturally they don't invest in every nation, but as new trade partners arrive, so do new opportunities.
13:23 Dorothy_Smith Without a doubt. I also have another idea. Seeing as how this is the first time our nations are formally meeting, I think it would be wise to establish an educational foreign exchange program so that our citizens learn more about other cultures. What are your thoughts on that?
13:24 Sergei_Aleksandrov I agree whole-heartedly. I also believe it would be beneficial to construct embassies and cultural exchange centers pertaining to our own nation in the other, so the entire population, and not just a select few, may learn.
13:26 Dorothy_Smith Fantastic!
13:27 Sergei_Aleksandrov One last issue that must be addressed.
13:27 Sergei_Aleksandrov What is Blue Heaven's preferred method of goods transport?
13:28 Dorothy_Smith We would prefer it to be by sea as that would be easiest for both our nations. Your ships could easily dock on the ports of western Blue Heaven.
13:28 Dorothy_Smith What is the preferred method of good transportation for your nation?
13:29 Sergei_Aleksandrov The same. If one looks on a map, our eastern coast harbors are some of the finest in the region.
13:29 Sergei_Aleksandrov I'm very happy you also prefer oceanic transport.[/quote]

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