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A Military Purchase Scheme

King Timmy

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It was decided that for the new Ibizan Military, a purchase scheme should be implemented. After reviewing many nations hardware from what had been made available it was decided to contact the German government as their hardware was built to a very high standard as was to be expected from German Engineering. It was also due to the swift victory their military had won in England, a clear indication of superior technology.

To: Germanisk Forbund
From: The Ibizan Republic

As a new nation we feel it is necessary that we have the most up to date hardware that we can handle.

We feel that due to the swift victory you performed in England that you are the best candidate in Europe for us to contact in regards to purchasing military hardware.

We would like to inquire as to whether or not you would be willing to sell or lease any export version of your current military vehicles.

What we would be interested in is:

Air Superiority Fighters
Long Range Interceptors
Stealth Bombers
Attack Helicopters
Transport Helicopters
Airborne Early Warning And Control

[b]Armoured Vehicles:[/b]
Main Battle Tanks
Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Armoured Cars
Armoured Transports
Self-Propelled Artillery
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft
Combat Engineering Vehicles

[b]Static Defences:[/b]
Anti-Air Missiles
Anti-Ballistic Missile
Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles

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Two representatives arrived from Germania, one for the Government Sector and one for the Private Sector. Nordlandische Waffenwerke and Kettenheim Inc. respectively.

After shaking hands, they went right to the topic, going over the list:

Long Range Interceptors? We actually do not have any of these but our last war proved to us that we in fact should, and have recently started developing one built specifically for intercepting missiles and rockets, so prevalent in modern warfare, while still able to take on enemy fighters. But we should be able to provide the rest of the items with ease. Kettenheim Inc has been leading the Helicopter Transport market as of lately though, so the state often buys those items directly from them, we figured it'd be best to cut off the middleman.

As far as Armoured Vehicles are concerned, we have a few questions, regarding your doctrine, we need to know what shell size your forces would prefer, as we have Self Propelled Guns in the 155mm and 210mm ranges. And, I should say, that requesting IFVs and APCs *and* Armoured Transports does seem fairly redundant, for the sake of simplicity it is best to go with one IFV and one Armored Transport, which can cover the APC's role, unless you might want specialized APCs such as for example those for naval landing operations.

We should also know if you want your MBT with or without ETC guns. Our latest ETC guns are much, much more expensive, the single most expensive component with the tank, that is, the ETC Cannon is alone one fourth of the price of the tank, but it is one of the very best guns in the planet, after all. Though if you are not going to be fighting against Major Nations, regular guns work just as well.

As far as Static Defences are concerned, we recommend the construction of one Kettenheim Inc Compound in order to manufacture the missiles, which is in the long run far cheaper than having to import your missiles. These days, missiles are to war what knife and fork to having dinner, so you will certainly need a lot of them.

We can and will go installing Radar Facilities, however, we have a saying, that Static Defences is a synonym for scrap metal. What you really need is a number of specialized mobile detection arrays so that in wartime you can have them roaming the country of yours, making them harder to destroy. 75% of all static detection arrays are estimated to be dead upon first enemy strike - in average. 90% of what is left, on the second wave. The third wave is the last.

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Ah, well, we shall acquire our Interceptors from elsewhere then, not to worry. Excellent how does 504 Fighters, 120 Bombers, 240 Attack Helicopters, 480 Transport Helicopters and 24 AEWACs sound?

We think a 210mm SPG would be a rather good idea as opposed to 155mm. As for IFV, APCs and Armoured Transports, we would prefer all three variants. We would prefer something like an armoured truck with less armour than an APC which could be used for rapid deployment of a larger number of troops. We would require an IFV and an APC as we would like to have one that is tracked and one that is not. With regards to MBT we feel going for the ETC is definitely a requirement. We intend to purchase 4,000 of each.

A factory sounds like a marvelous idea, it would be well welcomed if it brings more jobs to the island. We would like 10 static radar facilities and we agree about the mobile arrays, perhaps 100 of them might suffice. Would CIWS be an option for each station both static and mobile?

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