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Black trade circle, income+tech, larger nations.

Kippa Tarxien

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I'm at 12k infra, buying 2k more would cost me 600/900M and my nett income would increase with 800K, which means that it will take 750 days before my investment repaid itself. Between now and 750 days, I'm sure a war will help me get rid of that 2k infra. Conclusion, there's no point in buying more infra.

So, if you are like my nation and you have built a good WarChest and now starts spending $ to tech (1M/1T, indeed, what else should I do with it?), this is your circle. This is for the larger, nuclear capable nations that expect not to buy infra in the near future (6 months) and wants to be a mighty, high tech nation (Buying + importing = 1000T+/month).

In peace time, we'll have Affluent Population, Fine Jewelry, Microchips and citizen multipliers (Wheat, Cattle, Sugar).
In limited wars (one or some trade circle members), Sugar will change to Uranium.
In world wide war time, we'll change to Al, Coal, Pigs, Uranium, Oil, Iron, Lead, Rubber, Marble, Lumber, Gold and Wheat.

We need 6 nations for this. If you are interested, post an increased nation counter (add 1 to the last counter value). You'll be contacted by me. The nation counter is now at ONE.

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